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  • Jonathan Defrates
    Jonathan Defrates

    Two and half years👍💪

  • Kitty :/ Robloxfan
    Kitty :/ Robloxfan

    This is iPad abuse :C *(This is a joke please don’t be mad)*

  • Lewis Rodwell FPV
    Lewis Rodwell FPV

    Would be cool if the lights moved with the camera

  • Curtis Badger
    Curtis Badger

    Someone got on a ladder again…..

  • Dimitar Nikolovski
    Dimitar Nikolovski

    6 almost 7 years.. Samsung S6 Edge, still going strong! P.S: "Raw doggin" it :D

  • KAAN

    please show your army vehicle

  • LightningPlayz

    Why is he drawing illuminati

  • HDK

    TVA, that made me smile 🙃

  • Luis Somoza
    Luis Somoza

    It's the same design as mine without the wireless charging magnets

  • Angel Aguilar
    Angel Aguilar

    I have been using a Galaxy S4 for 5 years. The glass is very shattered. But it's still working fine. Just replaced the battery twice in that time period. Maybe this year is the one to get a new phone.

  • Pop's How To's
    Pop's How To's

    Cough cough Diesel cough. last for almost ever and you can use just about anything oily.

  • Myles Johnson
    Myles Johnson

    My first phone was the Nokia 3310

  • D'shaun Squad
    D'shaun Squad

    This is gonna exciting

  • Mitchi Bell
    Mitchi Bell

    I have to dislike for the uneeded destruction, but this was useful information lol

  • The big man metal detecting
    The big man metal detecting

    Is this only available in the us as when I try to access it here in Scotland it's sends me to a amazon page that says it's unavailable

  • James Schulte
    James Schulte

    I for one would like a gaming phone called 'Death'

  • alonso_playz


  • Corentin T
    Corentin T

    It had 1 year and 4 months when i bought it (second hand) and it's been 2 years and 8 months i use it (yeah it has in total 4 years it is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 estetically broken, but still working (front camera works but image quality went trash since glass over it is broken, back glass broken spiderweb rather than shatterd part of the front glass have cracks) a bit storage short (64 GB) but has a 512 GB SD Card) and so far so good Actually more powerfull than my current laptop I'll keep it has long as i have to or until it stops working and go beyond repairability I'd like to purchase Note 20 Ultra or Note 22 Ultra (Samsung's skeeping Note 21 this year) and well, we'll see about what'll happen

  • Mike Marin
    Mike Marin

    Thanks for this!

  • kwelitysoul

    That little hook it comes with is handy



  • Bogdan PC
    Bogdan PC

    You just "help" them to get rid of stocks. No more cameras

  • Johnny's cafe
    Johnny's cafe

    This video must have had a lot of viewers like ''STOP IT PLEASE?'' 😂

  • Saïd Saïd
    Saïd Saïd

    Hmd claiming to release the toughest phone so far the Nokia xr20

  • KaninchenGHG

    Looks like a 3Ds

  • Komutan Logan
    Komutan Logan

    i am using my galaxy a5 since 2016

  • MrRendeer

    I like these home improvement videos more the the tear downs or durability tests

  • Daniel & Donya
    Daniel & Donya

    Harry poter

  • rebaoui hichame
    rebaoui hichame

    it would be great if you remove the engine, trans,transfer case all together and use the transverse ev motor layout to your advantage by using the ev motor diff as a transfer case, you will free up a lot of space for battery's and reduce complexity and have a good weight distribution and i don't think attaching a ev motor to an auto trans gonna be that efficient, there's a company in the uk that transform old Landrover's Defender's to ev by using that way, Matt watson featured them in his channel.

  • Bishop Toci
    Bishop Toci

    I love everything Anker makes it’s always really good quality and priced well.

  • El Dragon Azul
    El Dragon Azul

    I used to upgrade every year when I worked in the industry selling phones but now that I am older and not in the Cell phone business I keep the phone till I can no longer do work on it. Since I am self employed and a lot of my business is done via my cell. I used to be an auto mechanic before I got into selling cell phones so I am a firm believer in keeping it going as long as you can. Saves money and helps keep waste out of landfills.

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer

    I still use my iPhone X from 2017. When i bought it, i really loved the silver/white design and i still do. I must say that when i was younger, i liked to switch phones regularly. But now i don't always need the shiniest new thing to flash around with. I also bought the 256gb version at that time because i was planning on keeping it for awhile. Happy i did. This year however, is the year i will change and buy the iPhone 13. Hopefully it will finally have a 120Hz display! Apparently it MIGHT have a smaller notch as well. So we'll see, but whatever the case may be, i really need a new phone now because of the battery that is slowly dying. I know i could replace it, but i have done 4yrs at this point with my phone which is not so bad i think... 🤔

  • • pcplsd02
    • pcplsd02

    Had my phone for 4 years💪🏿🙌🏿✊🏿🤌🏿👍🏿 IPhone7

  • Kevin’s trains Le
    Kevin’s trains Le

    Smart idea I like how the camera moves to track security when someone is walking in your property that is a great idea awesome

  • parikshit joshi
    parikshit joshi

    Who noticed " don't look here " text 🤣🤣👀

  • gerry yong
    gerry yong

    the stabilization on opening clip made me movement sick

  • Shark_Burritos

    iPhone 13 No screen addition 😂😂

  • eddieandana4ever

    What's that lil trailer mover called its so cool

  • F'real

    I thought it was made out of cardboard or wood for a second

  • Fifen

    Yo Zach. Eufy makes solar panels for their cameras now

  • danwat1234

    Moto Z2 Force, 3-4 years been using that model but a couple of different units due to cheap used ones available on eBay and short battery longevity due to crappy chemistry. I have enough spares to probably last me 10 years, the screen, fingerprint reader and dimensions are awesome but the Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM is barely satisfactory.

  • Yamato

    Having a big project currently right now does that mean you won't be able to dismantle cellphones?

  • Michael Mihailov
    Michael Mihailov

    I’ve used my iPhone 7 for 5 years now


    One year but it is my first phone

  • Jay's Technology
    Jay's Technology

    Nice I have to victure security cameras motion detected

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz

    My dad loves doing these type of projects lol

  • Michael Madsen
    Michael Madsen

    UH this will be good! :D


    Few weeks Sith me iPhone 12pro Max 💁



  • Thefireball

    Wait, why is black the 'hot' wire, and green the ground? Isn't it usually black is ground, red is power, and other colors are the signal?

  • Parzival

    Recently repaired a switch on a big floor fan I have. Forgot to unplug it before ramming a screwdriver in the switch to pop it open and let me tell ya having wall voltage shoot from your hand all the way down through your bare toes (touching the metal fan frame...) is one hell of a feeling. Assuming it didnt fry me because of the resistance of the fan cord/switch between me and the wall. Took about 5 seconds for me to realize what exactly was happening though. xD (Be safe with electricity, and don't rush)

  • Prince k99
    Prince k99

    I have used my Sony z5 compact from 2016 to 2019 it was great but with upgrading the phone becomes so slow so I replaced it with Samsung S8+, for my luck I got a touch screen problem after only one year of usage And now I have huawei nova 5t from the last year, still great and I'm planning to keep it for another year at least

  • AkyraTR

    3 years 8 months with my Galaxy S8 and still going strong! I'm planning to get an S21 FE a few months after it comes out (since the prices drop) but I might just change the battery in this one instead. Still not sure. Edit: corrected typo

  • Charlie Cooke
    Charlie Cooke

    0:57 did anyone notice the fly on his hat or was it just me

  • Aquib Izhar
    Aquib Izhar

    Lg G7 using it since 2018

  • Zrexhyper 6000
    Zrexhyper 6000

    I ve been usin my phone since 2017

  • Btc Miner
    Btc Miner

    Hi,Agent 47 😁

  • Luka Pažanin
    Luka Pažanin

    Karma,Jerry,karma lol

  • Gene

    I've been using my Galax a01 for 7 months

  • INSID3

    I have a Google pixel 4 XL but I just got it 3 months ago referbished

  • Svetislav Zivanovic
    Svetislav Zivanovic

    One question... Do you wear yours hat normally sometimes? So let's get started (finger snap)

  • Robert Takacs
    Robert Takacs

    "Of course my phones depreciate faster than most" (Zack) 😅😂😂

  • Semir

    Will it track fly?🤣

  • Dj Raztah
    Dj Raztah

    That's a cool big mobile phone you have there...

  • Parker K
    Parker K

    Been using my pixel 3 for almost 3 years

  • Sakib Kabir
    Sakib Kabir

    I changed my phone after 4+ years from a samsung J7 to a one plus 8t last month. I usually keep using it till it doesn't break completely😂

  • Nathan Shantz
    Nathan Shantz

    You should work with ChrisFix on this project!!!

  • BRO

    "Don't look over here" you say huh

  • ahmed alelwany
    ahmed alelwany

    Could you give me the link of power tester Thanks a lot

  • moon fairy
    moon fairy

    I thought cambrie said you couldn't be on letters anymore🤣

  • laamouri hamza
    laamouri hamza

    One plus 6 since 2018

  • Johnny MaC
    Johnny MaC

    Don't like the monthly fees. Most of all I don't like how camera manufacturers sell a person's camera footage. I do not care who it is too. If someone would like my camera footage, then come and ask me for it. Not going to be part of making a police state.

  • charlesistheman

    Great video as always, just a heads up the Klein Hot Stick you are using has a recall on it. If its this model: NCVT-1

  • Blackjack 335
    Blackjack 335

    Dude you live in Logan, only crimes there ever happening are jaywalking and overdue library books

  • Kenneth Cox
    Kenneth Cox

    That slow motion instant replay took me out Lmfao

  • Eidrian SC
    Eidrian SC

    Wow slow motion its true :^)

  • Rob Reiser
    Rob Reiser

    Amazon says its unavailable

  • Thomas Bitmail
    Thomas Bitmail

    After 4 years with my Galaxy S8 which i still love. I think it will be a good time to upgrade to a new phone in a few months

  • Teun Bosman
    Teun Bosman

    Awesome to see you pushing out so many videos, always enjoy watching them. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Memes Jenkins
    Memes Jenkins

    I blame you for my plucot habit. Hope 🌳s are doing well.