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  • saelum 1 year ago
    saelum 1 year ago

    jerry: i wonder if it breaks in half again jerry: *DO IT*

  • Merry TV
    Merry TV

    My heart bleed to see you scratches this baby 😭

  • Gearshift

    razer: good in making stuff also razer: trash camera rivaling a damn flip phone from 2001

  • Alan Kearns
    Alan Kearns

    Totally cool!

  • Randomness

    This makes me mad

  • Spaccino TVo
    Spaccino TVo

    5:53 you are right, in the Netherlands it is now illegal to carry a god damn hammer with you on the streets. Lets say you are working on a construction site and you want to get a hotdog. you have to stash your hammer and boxcutters some where because its illegal to carry "weapons", hell you can even use a phone as a weapon

  • Yuruined

    You are spending money and i want an ipad

  • Wingman

    12:30 This stuff is insane, they should sell it as body armor😎🤑

  • Dj Knull
    Dj Knull

    wtf the battery sparked and got super hot, i ran out and put the phone on my grill

  • Luci 6669
    Luci 6669

    RIP Grant. My childhood wouldn't have been the same without you 😥

  • Deepak S
    Deepak S

    I have been using this phone Since 6th January 2019 and this phone still rocks. These are the list of Cool Features that are not found in most of the phones today. Highest Main Camera Aperture f/1.6 (Very Good for lowlight photography with Gcam mod) Brightest Display 1000 nits (peak brightness on boost mode) - Very clear screen on direct sunlight. (World's brightest smartphone display when it was launched in May 2018) 2K MLCP+ Display which also has 564 ppi density .. (you wont find many phones more than 500+ ppi density even in 2021) Only phone at this price with MILSTD-810G Certified Drop and weather protection. Far-Field communication - Powerful Microphone Loudest speaker IP68 Water Resistance Hi-Fi Quad DAC Audio Support Wireless Charging too But the sad thing is that Stupid people choose shitty phones based the Ads and those phones become popular..

  • Muhd Irfan
    Muhd Irfan

    lenovo owner crying when see this video

  • 이정우

    If you're going to do something like that, would you rather give it to me?

  • Mr. Hydrated
    Mr. Hydrated

    Woooooo! Let’s go!

  • Nash

    Your so best couple 🐱 💗💗💗 im inspired 💕 keep it up

  • Corvus


  • Rafael Cruz
    Rafael Cruz

    I literally saw that mower yesterday at homedepot

  • Anmaghiz

    What happend to Cambry? I hope it's nothing serious. Thanks a Ton for this incredible idea!

  • Kroroth Oppo
    Kroroth Oppo

    IPad air 4 😒

  • Johnny Flodder
    Johnny Flodder

    Nice experiment! Would love to hear more about the drip system. Maybe add some information on how much the plants get watered and how many watering points are possible given a certain pressure/conditions (distance, hose type, hole diameter, ...). Could be ideas for the fall video or another one. Thanks Greetings from Belgium

  • bob

    You have a voice for radio... and face.

  • stewie 242
    stewie 242

    9:30 her left leg just move is she really paralyzed

  • Fernando M
    Fernando M

    Looks like a phone from 2014. With huge bezels.

  • Draw with me
    Draw with me

    Give it to me don't distroy

  • BBK Gadgets
    BBK Gadgets

    Please give me phone

  • Albert Sebastian
    Albert Sebastian

    Its dirty how T mobile made him use verison's 4GLTE instead of their own 4G even though both would be slow, they just want to make verison look Old and slow.

  • Perfect Pluse
    Perfect Pluse

    A70 pls too , or A72

  • Perfect Pluse
    Perfect Pluse

    So Its cooling is 2 layer . My mean 1 layer Graphite + 1 Layer Cooper . Isnt it ??

  • ◌ البرتقالة المعفنه ◌
    ◌ البرتقالة المعفنه ◌

    Old iPad Pro: *completely dead* iPad Pro: *starts to sweat cutely*

  • Wingman

    Tesla makes fun of Volvo a lot, but Volvo is now offering a serious bulletproof production version, thanks to the cooperation with TRASCO Bremen GmbH. The new Volvo Light Armoured Cars (XC60 and XC90) NIJ-IIIA rated, are an 40k "option". There is also a "heavy" XC90 version, rated VR8, protects against assault rifles and explosives.

  • fox s
    fox s

    that was Illuminati semble ∆ 👈

  • funny guy
    funny guy

    Would that stop a 50 cal

  • Ahmad Aijaz
    Ahmad Aijaz

    Jerry ads man they are so long

  • Md Safim
    Md Safim

    Give me one iPhone please

  • Hydersun fearless
    Hydersun fearless

    I wish I had one :(

  • 9abe-YT

    Wow I always thought that she was ur kid 👍

  • Peter Breedveld
    Peter Breedveld

    This man is living in 2030

  • resulcan guney
    resulcan guney

    that just hurts eme them scratches

  • Ankit Mukand
    Ankit Mukand

    I give one time comment that is that anyone who obeys 10 commandments a non destructible body and a planet made by Jesus Christ is given when he comes so wait for his coming otherwise UN NEW WORLD ORDER 2021 TO 2030 IS THERE IN GOOGLE IMAGE...

  • András Dudás
    András Dudás

    How these phone manufacturers will feel, when the potential customer will be well informed?

  • chae ee
    chae ee

    So cool thanks for sharing this ^_^

  • Ashan Muditha Peiris
    Ashan Muditha Peiris

    Got my old iPhone back working... Thanks, man.. aaannddd burned d back of the iPhone little bit by using a lighter :)

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuff

    That mower is amazing!

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuff

    Should we burry you… O_O … Like a tree? :D

  • Lena



    LG G7 Of Single is week. Were is single tower Reply me fast

  • Muhammedfaiz Cmrhss
    Muhammedfaiz Cmrhss

    India sir please give me the give away gift 😘😘😘

  • Bharathi Yagnam
    Bharathi Yagnam

    Good sharing

  • Tech Breakthrough
    Tech Breakthrough

    Ah, apple is absolutely HORRIBLE🤮🤮🤮

  • Madhav Rajesh
    Madhav Rajesh

    If you want to draw an elephant draw it in a book not on iPad

  • Willy Dog
    Willy Dog

    Just scrapping it to scrape it

  • Joanne Spanner
    Joanne Spanner

    oh boy apple fanois are MAD

  • xoBanMee

    so I just wasted $1700 on a phone with the quality of the s20 wow

  • Badman _onizuka
    Badman _onizuka

    Some people are dying to buy these type of stuff and this tout is just destroying them

  • Ami Kalriya Ami Kalriya
    Ami Kalriya Ami Kalriya

    I purchased brand new seal pack redmi k20 just $224 us dollars ....😎🤑

  • Monu Singh
    Monu Singh

    Its called the joy, I can see the happiness in the eyes of the people there.

  • Spo0k_Berny

    Imagine doing a durability test on this thing.

  • Icarus Child
    Icarus Child

    what a massive pile of horseshit

  • Keerthivasan Ramesh
    Keerthivasan Ramesh

    You are the best thing for your wife

  • Azure Peter
    Azure Peter

    Siri: *Ipad pro transferred to samsung zfold2!*

  • Azure Peter
    Azure Peter

    He doesn’t need an apple pencil to draw.What a legend!

  • Paper Godz
    Paper Godz

    His eyes: Satisfied My eyes: Satisfied My life: Satisfied Money: Has left the chat

  • Hansraj Singh
    Hansraj Singh

    How to order this phone? Anyone know exact seller online

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    I wonder how much does this guy spend on breaking things

  • Austin Tyler The Creator
    Austin Tyler The Creator

    1:43 nice lol

  • Conceptual Civil Engg
    Conceptual Civil Engg

    6:39 That's what she said 14:34 That's what he said

  • Alex

    Here with my Note 20 Ultra in an area where 5G is supported and I'm getting nowhere near the same speed he is 🤣

  • Samuel Tejares
    Samuel Tejares

    hey jerry i have a problem my ipad is a lil bit bent 5th generation can it still be fixed?

    • Samuel Tejares
      Samuel Tejares

      not going outside

  • Jordan Fry
    Jordan Fry

    Call it an AT chair. All terrain Chair. If you use this name please let me know.

  • swagatam Guha
    swagatam Guha

    really felt happy that this didn't broke 😂

  • Dimi

    Short anser: redstone

  • Usad Maulana
    Usad Maulana

    Mahal tapi tetep hp china😂 mesin nya penuh dengan kabel😂

  • Mark Angelo Letada
    Mark Angelo Letada

    I hope you give it to me, that is my dream phone 😭😭😭

  • Haluk Onal
    Haluk Onal

    Zack finds the infinity gauntlet: Let's get started!

  • Gurminder Singh
    Gurminder Singh

    Best thing made

  • Hussaın ALı
    Hussaın ALı

    Gift me that ipad don't break it....😶

  • Furious Boom
    Furious Boom

    Can you do a samsung tab s7 soon ?

  • Ajmal safi
    Ajmal safi

    Onion leaves are delicious.

  • حسون حسون
    حسون حسون

    ليش هلتحريم💔🤔

  • DHM

    ياشيخ الله يقهرك 😭