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  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs

    $300? Good lord. I could get a Note 9 used for that price. If I want a phone detox I'll get one of the new Nokia phones.

    • Lasky Labs
      Lasky Labs

      Or I could just use Zen mode on my Oneplus.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    You're all thumbs. Thumb head. Breaking phones with thumbs. What is it? Four thumbs? Yes. That's the number. Fo u r.

  • nywoi

    0:26 “with realistic drops” if nobody got me, i know mr.super clean got me can i get an amen? (not meant to be hateful, don’t cancel me)

  • Brandon Legacy
    Brandon Legacy

    1:30 : Its heavy, Thick and Long.. Thats what she said

  • laicka jane deguzman
    laicka jane deguzman

    can u give that phone to me even it is uggly from scratch hehehe

  • Linda Guien
    Linda Guien

    I got a question why does your wife use a wheel chair?

  • troublemaker911

    Imagine being a hardcore gamer, frustrated after losing many games, threw the phone only to find the $700 phone in 4 pieces.

  • Xander PH
    Xander PH

    My ipad i love my ipad Mini...But 4 years LCD broken but in thursday aprill 2021 will be see it it can fix or not I miss my Photots Old photos and my video and my games when i kid and the eyes the horror game who shall brocke may ipad I Buy hostital for 500$ and I try it and lagging and Quiting out and thats why im Stupped i Jab my ipad mo may God for 10x strong im sorry my karma for 4 years and now they will fixed im Glad i hope they can 💕💕😢

  • jordan brock
    jordan brock

    Yooo Almost at 7 Mil Man Congratz

  • Brandon Legacy
    Brandon Legacy

    Jerry: in china 4 is an unlucky number. Me born on the 4th 🙁

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs

    If only it was $500 or $1000 less. Oh well.

  • XxBLbLpO

    mr beast vs this whos more money

  • S0uLCrusheR

    How much are these units?

  • AutoPhoto 25
    AutoPhoto 25

    2:22 s0 tH1s 1s 40 round cL1p , you mean magazine 😩

  • HeWentThattaway

    In this demonstration, the scope is just eye candy.

  • NeverStopLearning

    May order one even though they are backordered until June :(

  • kyle m
    kyle m

    how do you make them go away? its one heavy uncomfortable POS

  • Amanda Wong
    Amanda Wong

    Jerry rig should do a scratch test on the new mac on Marques like if you get it

  • hsm_ epic_return
    hsm_ epic_return

    Blue polycrystalline panels are more eco-friendly in manufacturing. Black monocrystalline are less so.

  • Luis Guillermo
    Luis Guillermo

    Mi 11 lite pls

  • Brent Hull
    Brent Hull

    " There are 2 cameras on top of Everest here" lulz

  • Hemil Fichadia
    Hemil Fichadia

    Legion phone 2 is now legion phone 3!

  • Cameron Daniel
    Cameron Daniel

    Who else has this in their recommended FOUR YEARS LATER lol!!!!

  • Vittuperkele Saatana
    Vittuperkele Saatana

    Pain is watching this man destroy your dream phone

  • Darren Murray
    Darren Murray

    What a wonderfully bountiful harvest; you guys did such a great job. Your soil must be really amazing.



  • jerry jadie
    jerry jadie

    He put a case on it after breaking it 😂😅

  • Chamsi Soual
    Chamsi Soual

    Can you test mi 11 ultra

  • xtreme Godz
    xtreme Godz

    when he scratches the sides, it feels like its going into my eye.

  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez

    one word. SICK.

  • عمر قحطان العاني
    عمر قحطان العاني

    يا زربه شسويت بي ،،😒

  • realitynowassigned

    Slaves all over the world: people must really need this for me to suffer so much Jerry: im going to use this slave product to destroy the other

  • 999 Nine999
    999 Nine999

    It comes with a nice box 🤣😜🤪

  • yahya alfalah
    yahya alfalah

    How many phones of these are 100% functional .🤔😁

  • Norvious

    2:37 That looks like Spider-Man

  • Naeem Khan
    Naeem Khan

    Have a break...have a KitKat

  • Glenn John
    Glenn John

    Noooooooo 😭

  • Rudson januario
    Rudson januario

    bro I'm shocked😮

  • Rafi

    Not recommended for raging gamers

  • Rafi


  • Simon Linden
    Simon Linden

    No heat dissipation? Are those not graphite cooling pads on both sides of the motherboard??

  • TheRandompaint

    Thick and long....with bumps in the center...FUK

  • sazid ahmad
    sazid ahmad

    Mi 11 ultra please

  • LardNuts

    Test the cheaper phones that are plastic, I feel they might not last as long


    Please ipad mini

  • Akauntss

    What else, except <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • CSS

    Military hummers are cool this new thing is a pile of crap!!!

  • Niklaus Marcu
    Niklaus Marcu

    Its really hurts man!

  • Anwar Cadena
    Anwar Cadena

    $15 for a type A to C cable, hard pass

  • Shadowbalance1

    We want the teardown

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    1:48 Can we just admire that the fingerprint scanner looks like a micro DLSR for a moment?

  • Kid Awesome
    Kid Awesome

    Magazine Bro

  • Ru8e 42
    Ru8e 42

    Thanos snapped accessories

  • Mary Hirose
    Mary Hirose

    Well, damnit! Just traded my note 9 for the s21 ultra.

  • MR Chaiser OP
    MR Chaiser OP

    I thing he will not like or reply a comment

  • Jason Grady
    Jason Grady

    Can anyone name a fist year GM vehicle that was a GOOD decision?

  • Jason Grady
    Jason Grady

    I'm angry about this EV. Here is why. People who can't afford them will buy them. They will finance them. They will not be able to make payment. They will ask government for help. Gov will help them by raising my taxes to give more welfare. So now im buying the EV for them while I drive 140k mile toyota. Meanwhile resale will be crap like all GM products. Then GM goes bankrupt. Gov raise taxes again to bail them out and on and on it goes. Vicious cycle.

  • MR Chaiser OP
    MR Chaiser OP

    8:42 is it fake or orginal

  • Knowledge Trendz
    Knowledge Trendz

    Looking forward to your Scratch test & bend test of the No Phone Air! 😀🤪 I know I'm Incredibly late. Thanks to Mrwhosetheboss of reminding me of the NoPhone Air!🤩

  • Michael Silva
    Michael Silva

    Such a beautiful Video! God bless you two, you can see her face just beaming with excitement and love.... thank you for making this!!!!

  • Rowdy Rocky
    Rowdy Rocky

    U dityy youtber cherer

  • Xone

    Imagine apple doing same


    2000$ cad for a mattress 😥😭

  • Haider A-55
    Haider A-55

    اريد من هذا الايباد انشالله اشتريه

  • Lark

    Where it all began.

  • Mustafa khan
    Mustafa khan


  • ufuk s.
    ufuk s.

    Dedem 2 inek satıp ilk renkli tüplü tv yi almış. 1 ay önce kullandığım son nesil tüplü tv yi letgoya ücretsiz koydum arayan soran bile yok. Zaman gelecek kimbilir yeni teknoloji ne çıkacakta hayranlıkla izlediğimiz şu 8k harikası Qled tv ler atıl duruma düşüp öğrenci evlerindeki çiçekli dallı perdeler gibi gülüp geçilen bir yer edecek. sene 2021 oldu torunum. 2 inek parasıyla olmasada 6 inek parası istenen bu cihazı nereye fırlatacaksınız kimbilir! bu arada şikayet gibi olmasın da wv tiguan ülkeye giriş fiyatı 180 bin lira vergili satış fiyatı 420 bin lira fotoğraflarına bakıp hayal kurardı deden olacak ben birgün benimde olurmu 40 yaşına geldim bu yaşıma bineğim bile olmadı geçim sıkıntısından diye.. vaziyetler kötü be torun hep kıt kanaat geçindik üniversite bitirdik büyükbaban zorla okuttu yemedi içmedi gönderdi öğretmenlik diploması aldım ülkede geçmiyor yeri yok özel okullarda zengin bebelerinin kahrıyla geçiyor ömrümüz Sen sen ol okuma okul çıkışları simit ayran sat ticareti öğren hayatını kurtar durumlar böyle hadi kal sağlıcakla

  • Daddy

    HUMMER EV so amazing.

  • Mihai Marinescu
    Mihai Marinescu

    Hello Jerry, can you test the mi 11 ultra please?

  • Keano Cloete
    Keano Cloete

    By any chance when you done wrecking the phone, could you maybe send it to me lol

  • Teddy in da hood 2
    Teddy in da hood 2

    Hey your wasting money me who is still with iPad mini 2

  • Carson B Dot
    Carson B Dot

    Razr vs Razor

  • William Kelly
    William Kelly

    I am a gun loving conservative but even I am thinking this thing isn't quite necessary , i don't know if it should be illegal though , I just don't see why someone would have it

  • Imtiaz's Vlogs
    Imtiaz's Vlogs

    r u left handed ?

  • Scor Pioo
    Scor Pioo

    Sty blessed ❤️

  • Carson B Dot
    Carson B Dot

    0:48 “lets see what else is in the box” fingers

  • phrozt

    It seems this phone set a lot of positive records..... and then set the record for easiest phone to break in this history of Zack's channel...

  • Carson B Dot
    Carson B Dot

    10:42 the shattered glass looks like a face or a Knight helmet

  • Manan gandhi
    Manan gandhi

    he Legion Phone 2 is now the Legion Phone 3.....Lmaox3000.

  • BoilingToinks

    sitting on it with my ripped muscular butt🤧 bissshkk!