I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with drones and other random projects.


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If you want me to make a video tear-down on a product, feel free to send it. But there is no guarantee of a video unless agreed upon beforehand via email.

Videos are for Entertainment Purposes only. Attempt any repairs at your own risk.
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  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    Why.... the... fuck... is the rear panel GLASS??????????? Seriously why not make it out of aluminium or plastic?????

  • away

    It's thin glass with a plastic over layer

  • A Bit Of Everything
    A Bit Of Everything

    I'm actually upgrading from an S9 Plus to this

  • Mike F
    Mike F

    My favorite parts of the video is when he refers to the watch as his little dorito etc. lol

  • Nazren Benzema
    Nazren Benzema

    Im just know that this phone exists by watching your video bro.. Like u.. 😘


    am I the only one who's watching this on a nord

  • Simon Zawistowski
    Simon Zawistowski

    His voice ooooooo ya

  • superlurf

    I hate Tesla. Chevy all the way I HATE ELON MUSK!

  • Sayed Saif Koppal
    Sayed Saif Koppal

    Operation going on of my Kidney

  • 디원디투1

    Thank you Jerry. Could you Upload Google Pixel 4a battery replacement video?

  • Max P.
    Max P.

    I would definitely go for a frosted gunmetal gray. Also I would not go without traction control. I know, it's cool ;) but it's also dangerous. I think I'd make my own traction control system by using a micro controller and 4 speed sensors, so that it can lower the throttle signal until there's traction again. Of course I would make it in a way so that it can easily be disabled ;)

  • 4NG3L 117
    4NG3L 117

    broken Phones you say my first Phone was a keypad the phone just died on me second was a samsung killed the battery and never powered on then 3rd had another keypad phone it wellalso died on me it only lived for 2 months 4th another keypad phone couldnt charge it with a cable no more so i had to use clipcharger survived for 2 months then my 5th one i got a myphone it was got then it didnt charged again survived for only one month with me 6th phone was myphone keypad slowly died on me soi gave it to my cousin 7th phone was a cherry mobile couldnt charge it with a cable so i also used a clipcharger with it then i cracked the lcd cause i left it under the mattress 8th phone was a samsung galaxy forgot the name it i was using it while charging well i was watching total drama it froze then i removed the battery and powered it on i couldnt respond properly only survided for 2 months again my current phone is an iphone 4s i putted a case on it and lanyard cause falling was sometimes the death of my phones i have for month now so yeah good luck for my iphone

  • Holly Sinclair
    Holly Sinclair

    Not to be mean or anything but why is your wife in a wheelchair just curious

  • Bernie’s Sander
    Bernie’s Sander

    If you find 5.56 or .223 for 40cents today, they’ll probably make your gun explode.

  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans

    Any chance you can do a Durability test of LG or Sharp smartphones ? 🤔

  • Monir Hosien
    Monir Hosien

    টাকা কি চুদাইয়া আইয়ে

  • Shashi Kumar
    Shashi Kumar


  • Юлия Зубкова
    Юлия Зубкова

    Спасибо за отличное видео!!!! Я хочу задать вопрос. Я случайно воткнул скрепку в отверстие микрофона. Я ничего не повредил? Влагозащита не повреждена?

  • mirrortv36

    Thank you to you both guys. You made my day 🙏

  • hani jjang
    hani jjang

    the way my heart ached when he was scratching the phone (especially the sides and camera lenses) almost gave me a heart attack since i have the same friggin phone 😭

  • August Coen
    August Coen

    i like your videos and i also liked this one but please stop using the tesla word so often

  • varadhan v k
    varadhan v k

    Hi I am from india I love your durability test

  • Ojas Chopra
    Ojas Chopra

    Is it just me or he really looks like calm agent 47.

  • ابو طلحة الشامي
    ابو طلحة الشامي

    Can we updated some peace from this dvic ?

  • Timothy Enriquez
    Timothy Enriquez

    JerryBuildEveryThing :D

  • Red group Advertising agensy
    Red group Advertising agensy

    Good gift man! 👍

  • Compact Review
    Compact Review

    It does not matter if it is sponsored. Apple is just worse in soundquality, and he showed why

  • Robert Reid!
    Robert Reid!

    Unsafe pranks: *own a n o t e 7*

  • Oskar Lindgren
    Oskar Lindgren

    U sure Apple watch doesn't have AR Coating or other coating on the outside of the glass? Cause the coating scratches easy.

  • Davorka Milat
    Davorka Milat


  • Davorka Milat
    Davorka Milat

    Is smartphone wiht keyboard

  • Tobias Schmidt
    Tobias Schmidt

    You could made it out of full Suspension Biker and and some sie Suspension to lean in curves

    • Tobias Schmidt
      Tobias Schmidt

      I ment side suspension

  • Vincent Ridolfi
    Vincent Ridolfi

    Ima hunge for explode fone

  • Shane Forsythe
    Shane Forsythe

    Zelda is a boy,

  • Shane Forsythe
    Shane Forsythe

    one cheat code was D,U,L,L,A,R,D. = Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down, can't remember what its for.

  • Bill Campbell
    Bill Campbell

    You provide info on your recording equipment, tools, and drone, but nothing about the electric bikes you used. I don't need a wheel chair, but an electric bike might be nice, as breathing difficulties have put an end to my bicycle peddling days.

  • Shane Forsythe
    Shane Forsythe

    2:07, on the original that was a door to stick in expansions, such as the mega CD. the control pad is similar to the original, the buttons are the same build, they will need cleaning once a year with pulling apart and wipeing clean, if you use it every day for 5 hours, the pad's motherboard is different.


    Jerry, please help i fix my 7plus its successful but haptic won't work hubu

  • andsmile555

    How can I give two likes and a grin for this video??? Hilarious remarks on the colour, some matched my feelings exactly :D

  • Noud Ockeloen
    Noud Ockeloen

    He Jerry I woud like to see a bend test of this New Phone brand. Carbon 1 mk 2

  • seany gough
    seany gough

    Anyone else watching this on a s10

  • prinjpal

    it's like a big RC car

  • Shangti lhon Lim
    Shangti lhon Lim

    Nice man!!! You're the best !!!

  • Ella

    Title:says cheap Me:im out of here

  • George Jackson
    George Jackson

    For the real results Demolitionranch should have testing it instead of JerryRig

  • Messier8

    Imagine spending $1000 fucking dollars on a PHONE and it doesn't come with the fucking plug... Why the fuck are phones so expensive and the companies making them so greedy? This is not innovation, this is greed and incompetence

  • Edwin Ong
    Edwin Ong

    Can i ask is there a possibility to the replace S10plus Exynos chips to snapdragon chips for the international phone

  • Nathan

    Im pretty sure the s pen of samsung note 7 is explosive too

  • Adrian C.
    Adrian C.

    To respond your final question: more cautious. The price vs hardware and soft is unbeatable!

  • Pewdiepie fan
    Pewdiepie fan

    can say that bad boy is a cheap iphone

  • KungForsen

    HAHAHH JERRY FOR GOD SAKE! I bursted out laughing watching this while I was at at a customer's site repairing laptops because of the unexpected "smörgåsbord" comment 🤣🤣

  • Ali Fevzi Bala
    Ali Fevzi Bala

    Abicim ne yapıyorsun allahtan kork

    • Ali Fevzi Bala
      Ali Fevzi Bala

      Like atın bro

  • Jakob Kaserer
    Jakob Kaserer


  • Just a guy
    Just a guy

    If this comes to Australia it's my next phone.

  • Awo Jama
    Awo Jama


  • Tryggve Larsson
    Tryggve Larsson

    Fuck it, im gonna do what i should have done 2 years ago and repair my S7 instead. It had some custome features that they stripped from the S8, and the A10 i am currently using is infuriatingly bad compared to that 6 year old model.

  • Daniel

    i thought he was Rick Astley

  • windows server 2003 king
    windows server 2003 king

    Yeah that happend to my android tablet I got one of those fan things at the state fair and I used it alot 2 days later the charging port was fryed

  • xshimmering victoriious
    xshimmering victoriious

    you be wrecking things I can’t afford.

  • Javohir Erkinjonov
    Javohir Erkinjonov

    Pul topib aqil topmaganlaree

  • Reynaldo Hansel P
    Reynaldo Hansel P

    Hi, zach can you teardown the LG Velvet cuz u hasn't made the teardown video

  • zdravo

    I hope you will not rip it apart 😏

  • RAIDEN2000

    Agent 47 testing homemade tesla

  • - CRYPTiCEXiLE -
    - CRYPTiCEXiLE -

    I own this phone :D I don't use it though I just have it on my desk cause I don't know its just there lol but I hear a thump on my desk though when I watch jerryrigeverything.

  • Disturbed One87
    Disturbed One87

    "how to install an elevator in your living room" Step one make sure you're rich!

    • Arman Playz
      Arman Playz

      haha lol

  • Disturbed One87
    Disturbed One87

    It's still way too expensive

  • HaroldDaSynth

    In real life,nobody will put a phone in their pocket together with a cutter blade,a droptest could've been realistic..

  • Sayyed ilumineti xD
    Sayyed ilumineti xD

    *He built it in a cave. With a box of scraps!*

  • Ali El Shesheiny
    Ali El Shesheiny

    what is the brand of the water resistant adhesive glue you used please ?

  • ほぐアイゴレ


  • Boeing 787
    Boeing 787

    "pretty quality stuff" *proceeds to scratch it with a knife*

  • - CRYPTiCEXiLE -
    - CRYPTiCEXiLE -

    I have a iPod touch 6 somewheres but its at my mums house in my old room somewheres who knows I never used it much I basically just wasted money cause im a tech nerd :( fml.

  • Alireza Khorshidi
    Alireza Khorshidi

    خیلی این گوشی خفنه

  • Arnoldmichael Arnolsmichael
    Arnoldmichael Arnolsmichael

    Nice job and perfectly clean 👍

  • Olober sykes
    Olober sykes

    holy, this is not zack , he is guardian angel of Kimberly

  • J S
    J S

    Lumilor paint, sickest glow in the dark paint in the world

  • S20Derrick Morgan Vlogs
    S20Derrick Morgan Vlogs

    I have samsung Galaxy Note 9 I love my. My phone comes with a 128 GB but I'm planning on buying a SD card to make it in one terabyte but I love my note 9 it's awesome 💜😊

  • - CRYPTiCEXiLE -
    - CRYPTiCEXiLE -

    everytime I own a iPhone I always get a android phone a few months later so lesson to be learn here do not buy iPhones a month later oh cool m1 Mac mini I like that.... now owns / writing this comment on a m1 Mac mini along with the magic keyboard 2 and Magic Mouse 2 FML.


    I bought one from STANLEY that’s really solid. Bought this thing at least 2 years ago. Did corporations end up using some of your thoughts? Or did they just happen to get better since then? Cuz this thing is super solid. I did the unopened shake test, nothin. It’s got a bar to help open the thing that works perfectly. Then while open, there’s zero shaking of the blade. I’ve used it for at least a year or 2 now. I reversed the blade once when my wife used it on metal. But this thing has been awesome.

  • Broken TV
    Broken TV

    Iphone se 2020 lost taptic engine forever, i’m crying... 😿