Microsoft Duo Teardown - We lost a good one.... 😢
The Microsoft Surface Duo is one of my favorite phones... that Ill never use. The Tool kit I use in this video is here: Today we'll take apart the newest dual screened phone from Microsoft, and see how it works from the inside. The Duo has 2 screens, 2 batteries, but only 1 camera and one loud speaker... I wish there was more! Would you ever buy a dual screen phone?
Watch the Duo durability test here:
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LARGE tool kit:
Travel Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:
Replacement phone parts:
The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
And this Metabones adapter:
This is the drone I use:
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  • KMC Las Vegas
    KMC Las Vegas

    So you gotta replace the whole device when the USB connector wears out? (like that will never happen right?)

  • KinglyGamingPro

    “We’ve seen a lot of folding devices like the samsung Tablets 😜

  • Bright


  • Xx Xx
    Xx Xx

    Tape And even more Copper foil 4:43

  • T-Dev

    Dbrand just discontinued my phone :(

  • Dave Simon
    Dave Simon

    This thing shape wise reminds me of a Nintendo 3DS XL

  • dasherpie

    I thought it would use a version of windows mobile or did windows end support of it

  • DoomOfConviction

    360° means it can totally rotate one full rotation which it can’t due to the other screen...

  • Pop it vids
    Pop it vids

    Omg how much was it I mabey get one

  • TJ Amos
    TJ Amos

    Just didn't try on the 2nd screen

  • Poggle's Galaxy
    Poggle's Galaxy


  • jdeevers

    This has nothing to do with the video but what is the name of the wallet you have ad sometimes promote. I want to get one.

    • Samuel Leet
      Samuel Leet

      @jdeevers You're welcome

    • jdeevers

      @Samuel Leet YES!! Thank you so much!!

    • Samuel Leet
      Samuel Leet

      Ridge Wallet?

  • noob-ish noob
    noob-ish noob

    the duo would be perfect if it had another camera.. cus it's literally a miniature laptop


    I thought this was a tablet. No wonder it failed so miserably

  • Matthew Carrell
    Matthew Carrell

    Next teardown: Humans. We are going to take them apart and see how they work... From the inside

  • Oliver Downing
    Oliver Downing

    Me getting an ad with JerryRigEverything in it on a JerryRigEverything video


    the phone is a bit too thin

  • Shiba Inu Doge
    Shiba Inu Doge

    Microsoft Duo: Ded Edition

  • Mayilazhagan

    Bro I need one gaming phone please📱

  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens

    They got so much right with this phone, but the things they got wrong are bad enough to make it a flop, in my opinion. Most folks don't consider repairabikity when buying a phone so ill exclude that. The plastic frame and single 11 meg camera, and total battery cap thats smaller than 4500 mah are big mistakes imo.

    • Carl Miller
      Carl Miller

      I've had my Duo going for over 3 months now, this device didn't get the credit it deserves. My only issue is the camera.....


    It’s almost like for the first half of the process Microsoft was on project Duo like a virgin, AKA very enthusiastic and curious 🧐, But then for the remaining half Microsoft turns into a 45 year old dad who just got done eating 4 pounds of HotWings! 😎

  • Slwayy

    Oooo 3DS xl??

  • mashed potatoes
    mashed potatoes

    To me that is prob the worst phone for the money

    • Carl Miller
      Carl Miller

      You're so wrong.......

  • Meeshan Olo
    Meeshan Olo

    1:43 ill keep going for THE FUTER HISTORIANS 😂😂

  • Countrybirdian Empire
    Countrybirdian Empire

    Surface book duo pro

  • Mike Schnabel
    Mike Schnabel

    Looks like the hinge of the Nokia E90 🤔

  • Kade Brockhausen
    Kade Brockhausen

    I have this phone. Good to know it has the JRE seal of approval

  • Jack Nicholas
    Jack Nicholas

    What I see is an extremely well built device. Impressive.

  • kryst Kryst 2
    kryst Kryst 2

    Ipad pro is actually folding😭

  • Steve evetS
    Steve evetS

    Is the a tear down skin for this yet?

  • meme ville
    meme ville


  • Operator 801
    Operator 801

    Most of them usually survive, most of the time... That's a lot of padding for one sentence.

  • InZee

    So glad didn’t go for it, along with older specs, the hardware is almost impossible to repair 🤦🏽‍♂️ I hope the sales from this one does not discourage Microsoft to learn and improve from this and make a much better version soon, just like Samsung. Microsoft is very close to making a great line of products that would definitely compete with other top contenders like Apple and Samsung.

  • Ervin Tagoe
    Ervin Tagoe

    Attempted repair = Suicide 💀

  • Pog Champion
    Pog Champion

    6:36 lol he said iPad pro

  • Itz moonlight :3
    Itz moonlight :3

    Roses are red Violets are blue Ur crazy and that’s cool!!!!!

  • Yones Amini
    Yones Amini

    hi can you send the broken phones to me after you tested. thanks so much

  • How To It
    How To It

    RIP Microsoft Duo


    Looks like an iPad knock off, but at the same time, really good.

  • AspieFanatic1

    Everytime you said graphite i get Chernobyl series flashbacks. Did you taste metal?

  • Your Daily Noob!!!
    Your Daily Noob!!!

    Next Nintendo 3DS looks cool

  • Gavyn Easler
    Gavyn Easler

    i only watch these videos to reflect on how poor i am XD

  • bone sauce
    bone sauce

    When I saw the commercial for this phone I thought it was a tablets

  • NotTucks

    literally just a 3ds lmao

  • Pinas Sarap
    Pinas Sarap

    ❤️❤️❤️For those of you who have good intentions who want to help my brother who is studying in grade 7 and a nephew who is in grade 2 students, both are hardworking even in difficult life, their choice is modular because we have no ability to buy a second hand phone for online class, they still need online to communicate with their teachers, I am not asking for it for my brother and nephew even if it is an old cp model and any brand they will be very satisfied for their study, Gob bless 🙏❤️❤️❤️ may you be blessed. Thank you From philippines🇵🇭

  • Serge Harri
    Serge Harri

    I think this could be the first system of fold smartphones that could have success. All others are crap. So far.

  • Matt

    You possibly would of got easier screen removal by freezing the phone, which counters the phones glue. 👍

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith

    Anyone else remember when jerry didn’t put ignorant political opinions in his videos ? What is your response to people dying from death, jerry? Ever since he broke 2 mil he’s gotten pretty bald fat headed.

    • Carl Miller
      Carl Miller

      Truth hurts huh......

    • brainiacx crexitor
      brainiacx crexitor

      He just saying that trump did bad with covid, a little humor. If you can't tolerate that kinda jokes, you shouldn't watch anyone

  • Trix

    the ipad pro reference... very good very good

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres

    Ur coments on every single video are just the best!! 💀💀💀💀

  • Harvey

    That’s a fucking DS

  • 蜡笔小蛋


  • Droopy

    why do so many people dislike the video?

  • Mahesh Silwal
    Mahesh Silwal

    Disclaimer !! No Microsoft Duo was harmed in the making of this video It was murdered.. Lolz

  • Roiberad Cnoic
    Roiberad Cnoic

    Them phones must cost you big money then end up in the bin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Repo Man
    Repo Man

    "But unfortunately not everyone is gonna make it, which is also the theme of the US covid response.”

  • crazyworldvloged tv
    crazyworldvloged tv

    its not a phone its a surface device with call capabilities microsoft says on their website

  • Ruby Pareek
    Ruby Pareek

    HELLO JerryRigEverything I am Sankalp Pareek,a die hard fan of yours from India. I am going through a really tough time and I figured out that I could use some help from a highly talented tech youtuber like you. I have been using a 32-bit Windows Vista Desktop since the beginning of this pandemic... I would be really thankful if you give me a decent laptop from your huge collection of gadgets, it would make my life a lot better. I am really serious about this...please reply to this comment if you want to help (everyone please like this comment so that it comes to his notice).

  • amir emadiam
    amir emadiam

    مگه مریضی بچه خدا شفات بده

  • Raees

    3:28 what a taunt 👌🏼👍🏼

  • SplatoonFireGamer2920

    What inside in Pen galaxy note?

  • Philly Sidhe
    Philly Sidhe

    Aggressive persuasion xD

  • juancarlos131291

    All the jabs at the COVID response and Trump on your videos are too good 😂😭

  • heena Agrawal
    heena Agrawal

    Maturity is when you realize the phone is of 1,00,000 inr😅

  • Lorenzo angeles
    Lorenzo angeles

    That looks like a nitendo ds!!!😱

  • Srinivas Madhukar Pastay
    Srinivas Madhukar Pastay

    Couldn’t resist Zack’s downcast on breaking it.

  • Nathan Shearer
    Nathan Shearer

    This phone has no expandable storage. Therefore it is not an option for me. No expandable storage is a deal breaker.

  • Joshua Vaughn
    Joshua Vaughn

    Microsoft doesn’t make any products repairable

  • Yash Gupta
    Yash Gupta

    Hey jerry can you help me with REALME EARBUDS Q with its charging probelm I KNOW YOU MAKE YOUR VIDEOS WITH PHONES but if you will make the video for its solution it will be such a great FAVOUR to all the users who is getting the problem with REALME EARBUDS Q PLEASE... PLEASE HELP US WITH THIS PROBLEM 🙏🙏

  • Mr. Lucky
    Mr. Lucky

    Satalite dish 😂😂😂

  • Karlos Tjuroukei
    Karlos Tjuroukei

    That one battery is smaller than the iPhone 12 mini

  • bejita sama
    bejita sama

    His vdos are always satisfying (oddly).

  • Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb
    Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb

    "We've seen a lot of folding devices like the iPad pro" Everyone: That's my boi 😁

  • car1gam1ng

    The ipad pro 😂😂😂 I'm dead 😂😂

  • Questchaun

    Not everyone is gonna make it. 😭

  • Jaden Hernández
    Jaden Hernández

    You should make your own phone one day. Imagine how high tech and fixable it’ll be

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Da Dude 2k21
    Da Dude 2k21

    Damn I felt that slick punch at USA covid response.

  • Musab Tambe
    Musab Tambe

    It's a 5Ds 😂😂😂

  • Early Access Gaming
    Early Access Gaming

    What do you expect them to do with the covid response? Magically know how to treat an unknown desease? Magically provide a cure? Magically save everybody? We have to be realistic about this. This is know ones fault but the country that started the spread in the first place.


    Ipad pro.... Savage 💔😂

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson

    While they're allowed to make non-repairable devices, they certainly can't claim to care about the environment at the same time.

  • Kevin

    Sad, you where doing so good.

  • Pe tri
    Pe tri

    This is not a foldable phone,it's a tablet that goes Into a bigger tablet

  • Mau G
    Mau G

    If Microsoft gives software option, I might as well get two thin slim sleek smartphones & use a dual book style case to get the same product. May be a bit thicker but so will be your wallet :)

  • Oz

    Hope we get a fullscreen display for gen 2

  • Bino Raj
    Bino Raj

    can you do durability test on pixel 4a....please

  • Krishna Dj
    Krishna Dj

    Ipad pro is the simplest folding device

  • Skells

    Anyone who has owned a DS or 3DS knows those hinges aren’t built to last.

  • Loganbogan9

    1:33 True that.

  • Huge Dave
    Huge Dave

    “We seen a lot of folding devices like the ipad pro” the balls of this guy are big enough to sink the titanic

  • Ovi's Colours
    Ovi's Colours

    Hi guys. Will post a hot video at 5000 subscribers ! :*

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma

    they should remove them bezels

  • Bors Csaba Imre
    Bors Csaba Imre

    Simple Trash, like the Microsoft

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison

    So has anyone told nintendo microsoft released there own ds

  • yutubve

    puta manía de pegar las pantallas con un pegamento dificil de separar

  • ika jakonia
    ika jakonia

    you most probably got this same phone, but new, after getting youtube paying for the views of this video

  • wolf f
    wolf f

    this soft voice.

  • Re!gn

    I can definitely see this folding phone trend die within the next 1-2 years. I've never met anyone who actually owns one lol.

    • Re!gn

      @Nzed I was just saying that you did say that my point was bad because you immediately said "didn't say your point is a bad one" on your response. Wasn't pointing any fingers, I'm just saying what's actually there lol. And yes you're right we do have to wait. There's no point in us arguing cause none of us really knows what's there for the future hahaha. Have a great day!

    • Nzed

      @Re!gn watch the quotes before pointing your finger to me. You said that "no one you know has a foldable smartphone" and then.. that's not a good way to evaluate a tech. Just speaking for me, I know 2 people with foldables (One has the foldable from huawei, the other one has the Z Flip) and I think it's a good idea if developed well. We have to wait befote everythings scales to a level in which we could try foldable at lower prices, or we're not gonna get out from the "I don't know anyone of my friends that have a foldable phone" It's just that people is not really into foldables because it's a new tech (just like electric cars, for example here in Italy there very few people who own electric cars, that does not mean electric cars aren't the future) Samsung is making a Z flip lite, Vivo is gonna launch a cheaper foldable, and we have more brands that are thinking about a cheaper way to offer that form factor. We just have to wait: what's new is hard to trust, that's not necessarily a bad signal.

    • Re!gn

      @Nzed Lol all you said was that my statement is a "useless way to evaluate a new technology". So yes you did say that my point was bad. Anyways with that aside, tech trends that die do exist. These were seen as revolutions but the demand just wasn't there so the market never grew. 3D TVs, Plasma TVs, 3D phones, motion capture camera gaming, some stupid smart home devices, etc. Technically, they ARE new revolutions for tech, but the market just never grew. I see that as the same way for folding phones as of now.

    • Nzed

      @Re!gn didn't say your point is a bad one. I'm just saying that every tech trend has been super expensive at first and then everything started getting access to cheaper markets. Developing a scale business with low-costs (and high efficiency then) takes time: every tech should be mastered in order to learn how to produce with "less energy" and less capital expenses. Now we're paying twice for a foldable just because who pulls the trigger on innovation now are the most demanding geeks that want the last technology available on the market, thus paying the R&D for everyone. This is how innovation works: there are the geeks who can pay the highest price just to have the hardware on their hands, and there's the average consumer that waits for the tech to reach lower price tags before buying it. That's how it works, and that's how it'll keep working. It's part of the game.

    • Re!gn

      @Nzed It's just one of those tech trends that's bound to die off. If they are able to develop this in a cost-efficient way that would allow all folding phone models to be priced similarly with every other mid-high range phones, then sure I see it catching on. But as it stands now, the common masses are not willing to pay twice as much for a 2x bigger screen because there's no large demand for it to begin with. Feel free to come back to this comment in 1-2 years to prove me wrong.

  • Dan BG
    Dan BG

    Every device is foldable if you are raged enough