iPhone SE (2020) Teardown! - Lets talk about Vibrators...
The new iPhone SE is here! Show off the insides on the outsides with my Teardown skin HERE: dbrand.com/iphone-teardown This 2nd generation iPhone SE has gotten alot of attention for being a super inexpensive iPhone while still being competitive with other 2020 devices. Today we are going to take apart the iPhone SE to see how it works from the inside, and how the vibrator functions. Apple has designed their own Proprietary Taptic Engine for Haptic Feedback, and its time we took a look from the inside.
Watch the iPhone SE 2020 Durability test here: ltwhite.info/pack/kdSLlNNm1c9tl5k/vaizdo-ra-as.html
Watch the Laser back glass repair HERE: ltwhite.info/pack/rc9mf8Zpp5qnp5U/vaizdo-ra-as.html
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    Mac Freerunner

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  • the what the what the Mai
    the what the what the Mai

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    Eel On Musk

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  • Rainbow Tree
    Rainbow Tree

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    Landon French

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  • Julian Urbaszewski
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    Jason Ko Krasko

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  • Miya P
    Miya P

    I have to say I’ve been a proud Samsung user for years and don’t get me wrong I still am but when the iPhone SE came out I hopped on it I had an iPhone 6s Plus before and I loved it I loved that no matter how often I broke the screen I could always replace it myself I also love that when my battery dropped below 80% I was able to buy a new one and sell my old one but I always went back to Samsung but the one thing I always hated is that with every Samsung phone I found myself being way more careful with it simply for the fact of replacing the screen was always so difficult to find videos on how to do it and then to find an actual screen for the phone you have with iPhone it was easy and simple all the way through but I will say my phone 6S plus the back camera would shake it started about after a year of having it we never knew why

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  • Amber Ale
    Amber Ale

    I’m going to be buying this phone soon. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy J3 from 2016 and it’s time for an upgrade. This is the only iPhone I can afford and even at it’s cheap price point it’s still expensive. There’s no way I can afford their brand new phones, so I’ll take what I can get. I really appreciate that they have this option for people who can’t afford a $1000+ phone.

  • Michael M
    Michael M

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  • Abdullah Al Mufti
    Abdullah Al Mufti

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    Krystopher Blankenship

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  • - CRYPTiCEXiLE -
    - CRYPTiCEXiLE -

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    Broken TV

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    Logan ELVIDGE

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  • Vlad Serurier
    Vlad Serurier

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      Vlad Serurier

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  • Aidan Cahill
    Aidan Cahill

    I think this phone is an interesting match of components. The screen alone is enough to stop me from even considering the phone. I'm not really sure if the really powerful chip was necessary considering it probably won't find much use but idk. I think it's better value than their other products but I'll sfi stick to android for the time being

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    Mark Mizen

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  • Willy_Grylls

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    Bushy Not found

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