A $2500 Teardown?! - its a party on the inside...
Its time to take apart the worlds only professional Smartphone! Get 15% off your Raycon earbuds HERE: www.buyraycon.com/jerryrigeverything Huge thanks to Raycon for sponsoring this video. The Sony Xperia Professional costs $2500 dollars. We know the outside of this professional phone is made from plastic... but what about the inside? Today we are going to take apart the Sony Xperia Professional and see what makes it tick. There are a few surprising things inside. Warm hugs and party screws. Cant go wrong with that.
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  • Erase Time
    Erase Time

    What he do with a brand new phone and then breakdown and (break it in all sense)

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    Alexander Assies

    Why can't I stop watching you destroy all beautiful expensive phones? Well, at least in this case the vapour chamber indeed was worth it...

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    Israel Rioos ramosz

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    John Stewart

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  • Martin Perlhofer
    Martin Perlhofer

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  • Chris

    First of all, the rear cover is not vulgarly made of plastic as you describe it, but of a material specially designed for the best transmission of 5G mmwave waves, and which in any case being intended for professional use and not kids that run facebook or youtube, must guarantee a certain robustness as all the tools for professional use, this is not a "normal" phone, and in any case I must say that you are very materialistic, the battery cannot be removed with the levers, you risk damaging it, you have literally ridiculed the best smartphone in the world currently present on the market that has no rivals in its sector, you also broke the display !!!! better if you change jobs.

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    Jason Bowen

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    The King

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  • Stamatis Loukas
    Stamatis Loukas

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  • EJ Shin
    EJ Shin

    This is like attack on titan levels on mobile phones 😅


    Half the reason I don't even care about the phone I just like hearing your snark and you calling parts of the phone Legos

  • odybeatfanN95


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  • Unknown


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    Bavil Ruiz galarza

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    Golden Ratio

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    Chill man, chill!

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