2020 Moto RAZR Durability Test! - Will the Folding Icon Survive!?
Its time to durability test the Moto Razr! Get your first audiobook and two Audible Originals for free when you try Audible for 30 days visit www.audible.com/jerryrig or text "jerryrig" to 500 500! Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video. The new folding Motorola Razr phone is here. That same iconic folding flip phone that all the cool kids had is BACK. And this time it has a fully flexible 6.2 inch folding screen. But how much abuse can it handle? Will the new razr break in half the first time you snap it shut for a phone call? What happens if you accidentally try to bend the Razr phone back the wrong direction? Is the Motorola Razr Dust proof? All these questions and more will be answered in todays durability test.
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  • Mewpup/Mario & Sonic Dude
    Mewpup/Mario & Sonic Dude

    When Zach makes another durability test with folding phones, he should do a twist test, seeing if the hinge survives the twist.

  • Carson B Dot
    Carson B Dot

    Razr vs Razor

  • Carson B Dot
    Carson B Dot

    0:48 “lets see what else is in the box” fingers

  • Car Project
    Car Project

    6:43 MADE IN INDIA 😍😍

  • Aster Solomon
    Aster Solomon

    When do we get a breakdown of the razr 5G

  • Alex Bălan
    Alex Bălan

    7:34/7:35 The most satisfying sound ever

  • 201 201
    201 201

    More ballast less ballast depends!

  • prodbysǝrko

    3:14 F that widget

  • Radioman2094

    Awesome man!!!! But I wouldn't get this phone though because it's not durable enough and less features the one I would go with is the Samsung Galaxy Z flip you're getting wireless charging and reverse wireless charging opposed to this phone don't get me wrong it's cool and all and that's an awesome Nostalgia Factor but we need we all need something that's long Jeopardy something like the Z flip for instance or one of the Galaxy Notes or the phone that I got right now is the LG K92 5G for two hundred bucks this phone is pretty stout but shout out to you jerry awesome video!!!!

  • Shabbir Raghib
    Shabbir Raghib

    Samsung galaxy z flip be like - am I joke to you

  • pacboystuff

    For 0:02... COVID...

  • Vasu ThE sMaRt
    Vasu ThE sMaRt

    Oh my god


    Hero to Zero Respect


    This phone is just waste

  • Fesfes the Gaming star
    Fesfes the Gaming star

    Phones with home buttons be like

  • Jake Reynolds
    Jake Reynolds

    Are you just trolling with the hotdogs thing?XD allway thought that was hamburger

  • Dominic Madaffari
    Dominic Madaffari

    That's hamburger not hot dog

  • Simo Karuse
    Simo Karuse

    Deeper grooves at a level 7

  • Ashleigh Heitz
    Ashleigh Heitz

    You got your hamburger and hot dog folds mixed up there buddy

  • Mauricio Baltodano
    Mauricio Baltodano

    Wayyy overpriced

  • Cuda FX
    Cuda FX

    a rubber lip to seal in the screen .. motorola has done this before, with the artix lapdock. one obscure and awesome pieve of tech

  • Romulas -Cushman project
    Romulas -Cushman project

    Honestly I’d totally switch from my iPhone 11 to the newer generation, Razr 5G (orRazr 2 depending on who you ask) because I think it’s super cool, but i work in a machine shop and all the nickel dust, blasting sand and other particulates that I get on me throughout the day would totally F••k that screen and other parts up after a few months, considering that I just got my iPhone replaced because there was so much dust in it, that my connection would randomly drop every once in awhile

  • Kai Pich
    Kai Pich

    Why don’t you just stab the screen 📺

  • Shrikant Singhal
    Shrikant Singhal

    Nice to see Something made in India...

  • ShaolinTemple

    No bueno👎🏻..Overtime,1-2 years major problems w screen!!!Mosdef not worth more then $500

  • Curt love crime
    Curt love crime

    I never thought I’d feel a sad emotion for a material product 😰

  • TheRedGamer

    0:20 doesn’t it fold hamburger and most other ones are hot dog?

  • Tina Pilgrim
    Tina Pilgrim

    how much did you spent on that phone

  • Mm Secret
    Mm Secret

    It says ultra thin glass

    • Mm Secret
      Mm Secret


  • Aj0jubaer Islam
    Aj0jubaer Islam

    Please give me a phone 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • The1AndOnly 67
    The1AndOnly 67

    JerryRigEverything: 0:00-0:15 2020: Hold my beer

  • My name Isnt important
    My name Isnt important

    I owned one of these years ago, the OG one with buttons and no touch screen. I dropped it into a copper mine and the thing survived, I couldnt believe it

  • Wahaj Uddin
    Wahaj Uddin

    During that intro I kinda feel that my screen has a freakin 160Hz display😂😂

  • Christopher C.
    Christopher C.

    Aren’t we all

  • Nicholas Otieno
    Nicholas Otieno

    Your Videos are a pain to watch

  • Robin Campfens
    Robin Campfens

    The screen is not broken, yet.

  • Jared Gent
    Jared Gent

    wait no no no it folds hamburger style not hotdog style, hot dog style would be like the z fold


    6:46 Who noticed Made in India

  • sudipta roy
    sudipta roy

    ফোনের মা চুদে দিলো রে ভাই!!!!!!

  • Harrison Smetana
    Harrison Smetana

    Now is there was an IOS version it would be awsome

  • PhillippineBall Asian Union
    PhillippineBall Asian Union

    Motorola Motor Coca-Cola

  • Vonoxid

    Somethings broken inside those people who consider using this phone

  • TB Tech
    TB Tech

    They speant money on a fancy box but not flagships specs for that much...

  • Bahzley

    He scratched the speaker grill. He said see you later grill

  • Bullet 44
    Bullet 44

    "I'd still take care of it though since you never know which fold will be your last" Wisdom beyond comprehension 😌

  • Josh Gutierrez
    Josh Gutierrez

    He didn't do the snap :/

  • Retro Christmas
    Retro Christmas

    Why not make the hinge part of the screen plastic and the rest of it out of glass.

  • Finnyan Shank
    Finnyan Shank

    Watching this on my razr, lol. It's less expensive now (I didn't get the new version). And I love it. I just need to not.. Shove a bunch of rocks in it or leave it open when not in use, I figure. This video actually helped convince me to get it. All the "issues" he found are things I can easily not... Do?

    • Finnyan Shank
      Finnyan Shank

      I forgot to mention tho. As soon as you put a case on the thing that fancy sound box case is unusable. It doesn't fit anymore. Also no way to charge through it unless you.. Edit it?

  • C.L

    "The Razr"

  • lol wut
    lol wut

    No this is hamburger style, not hot dog.

  • Karim Kobula
    Karim Kobula

    I think im gonna buy the old razr just bcuze it was my first mobile phone in 2002 got it from my 10th bday i was so gangsta cuze i had that little screen on the back of the phone and i could see who was calling me while the rest had a brick of a nokia aww good ol days ❤

  • اریا کریمی
    اریا کریمی

    در مورد سامسونگ اس بیست ویک الترا بگویید

  • Dethmeister

    What kind of hotdogs you eat that fold like that?


    I love how you turn Valued technology into rubbish while teaching us something at the same time.

  • Jackal

    Part of me feels bad when I see the phone saying "Hi there!" all happy like and is then put through a horrible torture test haha

  • M. Raj gaming
    M. Raj gaming

    Brother, I am a Bangladeshi citizen. I am your big friend brother I like you a lot I have seen you make many kinds of mobile videos but I have seen yours

  • D Mac
    D Mac

    Probably going to wait a while before switching to a folding phone. Looks like they still have some kinks to be ironed out. I'll stick with my Galaxy for a while longer.

  • Young Harp
    Young Harp

    The accidental trick prospectively phone because disease proximately reply via a slim bonsai. bored, overjoyed zinc

  • Ian McPherson
    Ian McPherson

    Screen has been upgraded it never lifts anymore there is now two very small creases.

  • EpyonRoyal

    I had the 6800 also! Haha

  • Sina Preisser
    Sina Preisser

    Weiß nicht was das soll!aber der test ist fern ab von jeglicher Logik! Wenn du das Handy einfach nur zerstören willst, lass es einfach! Ich hatte schon die Vorgängermodell und mir blutet das Herz! Das Handy ist ein absoluter Klassiker von einem irren getestet, der keine Ahnung hat! Das hatte nicht mit einem alltagstest zu tun!

  • dopesheepify

    They released this in 2020 and then released another different model RAZR with fingerprint on the back with the same screen size later in 2020. Why?

  • ismail yasin altaylı
    ismail yasin altaylı

    What happens to the phone after the video?

    • Antan

      Cupboard probably

  • rizwan tariq
    rizwan tariq

    What you do with these phones after test.?

  • артем дьяков
    артем дьяков

    не чем занятся штоли только телефоны ломать

  • Jaymoney Cart masters
    Jaymoney Cart masters

    I think the iPhone 13 is going to be a foldable

  • DefaultUser0

    The folding phone trend is dead at the moment...

  • Jabberwockybird

    I actually would like to see Apple attempt to make an accordion fold iPad.

  • Forever Emcee
    Forever Emcee

    I miss the flip phones with the button that opened it

  • Sergeant Infantrymen
    Sergeant Infantrymen

    Awesome vid, I loved my old 04 razr, unfortunately I really just want a keyboard back into a slim phone, the whole “thinner smaller faster” doesn’t suit me personally so much as functionality and durability does. I’m so sick of buying IPhone after IPhone the last decade I’ve been looking at other options like the DOOGEE S96 pro or the Ulefone armor 10.

  • Aperture Future Media
    Aperture Future Media

    Its probably going on the shelf of shame

  • The Arked Wolf
    The Arked Wolf

    Am I the only one watching this in horror cause that poor phone is getting it hard?

    • Antan

      @The Arked Wolf lmao yes

    • The Arked Wolf
      The Arked Wolf

      @Antan I believe you mean “empathizes”

    • Antan

      Your the only one that emphasises with an inanimate object

  • James Storm
    James Storm

    this hurts seeing phones get destroyed

  • S S
    S S

    10:42 I had a panic attack got admitted in hospital and today I making this comment :O

  • Matlab Kuch Bhi
    Matlab Kuch Bhi

    @6:46 i read 'Made in India' wow! Proud Indian!

  • Gabriel Andersson Enocksson
    Gabriel Andersson Enocksson

    Razer vs Razr LOL!

  • Garf Garfield
    Garf Garfield

    you know you should change your name on LTwhite WRECK IT JERR😅😅

  • Muramasa

    Jerryrigseverything is just basically that guy in QA that actually love his job

  • Rudy Acevedo
    Rudy Acevedo

    POV: You’re watching 1 year later

  • Christopher Harts
    Christopher Harts

    Well I’d still buy that. Provided I don’t go to a beach there shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

  • aaron aaron
    aaron aaron

    That was really hard to watch.... respect for motorola

  • Cay9s

    11:34 The freak was that

  • Social_reject154

    Im watching this on a Motorola g stylus

  • Peter Xue
    Peter Xue

    It feels like a 300 dollars phone

  • Christian Martin
    Christian Martin

    But does it have snake???

  • Marc Field
    Marc Field

    Short answer no. The screen will break in about 10 months. Great concert put not ready.

  • Matthew Delloro
    Matthew Delloro

    You should do an updated Teardown

  • Big Ad
    Big Ad

    he screwed up hotdog and hamburger

    • Oregano Parsley
      Oregano Parsley

      Nope that's how I learned it. It's not literally how it closes, but a hotdog is more long, and this folds vertically, and a hamburger is more wide.

  • Goodbro360noscope

    Looks cool

  • Infinity Beyond
    Infinity Beyond

    Made in INDIA💯

  • van Marchand
    van Marchand

    I have

  • still34u

    Yo I didn't go to american school. But how can they tell you hotdog style is hamburger style and hamburger is hot dog...? This phone clearly folds hamburger......

    • Oregano Parsley
      Oregano Parsley

      Its hotdog

  • James K
    James K

    my left ear enjoyed that "aren't we all" very much

  • Satyam Sable
    Satyam Sable


  • Pc Master Wraith
    Pc Master Wraith

    in retro mode will the one key not work?

  • thegatesofsleep

    Very nice video. That’s probably one of the last phones i would ever buy. Ever. Great video nonetheless!

  • About47Pandas

    Are you interested in buying a folding phone?--- Not anymore.

  • Achraf Abousaadia
    Achraf Abousaadia

    Thats the 2019 moto razr the 2020 moto razr has no button and a different camera layout

  • Rain Shinotsu
    Rain Shinotsu

    Wait, that's a hot dog fold? When I learned hot dog versus hamburger, hamburger left the dimensions close to the same (as if the hinge was left-to-right like here) and hot dog left the dimensions more disproportionate (as if the hinge was top-to-bottom instead).

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker

    razor phone vs razor knife, lets see what wins