Galaxy S21 Ultra Teardown! - Its bigger than you think....
Its time to teardown the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. The fingerprint scanner is HUGE!! Grab your Teardown skin HERE: The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the latest and greatest from Samsung. And today we are going to see how the S21 Ultra works from the inside. Its not the normal periscope camera, and invincible battery adhesive. But there is one thing we haven't seen yet... and thats the MASSIVE fingerprint scanner. One perk of using an Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner vs an optical fingerprint scanner is that the surface area can more easily be expanded.
Watch the Periscope teardown HERE:
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Watch the S21 Durability Test HERE:
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  • Stubbsy's Kitchen
    Stubbsy's Kitchen

    Can someone explain not having the mm antenna, what that means and the downside of getting the international version. I'm from the UK and have just ordered a global version.

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    Like most Samsung flagships, things are packed in... I wouldn't expect anything less... As for ultrasound fingerprint sensors, right now, I'll stick with the capacitive unit in my S10e's power switch... That one is FAST!

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    Scott McDonald

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    Daniel Toma

    Jerry Jerry help :) ... I inserted by accident the pin for the sim card into the mic hole in a S21 Ultra :) Did I damage anything? Thanks

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    Bo-Laurids Jähde

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    Hi , I have inserted the clip of the sim in the microphone is it damaged? Thank you !!

  • G S
    G S

    I have this samsung s21 ultra. Amazing camera. Stereo speakers are loud. Battery life good.but finger print not working good. Not possible to unlock phone.

  • acurrburr

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    Ammar Farooq

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    Hi , I have inserted the clip of the sim in the microphone is it damaged? Thank you !!

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    Syed Almas

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    Noob Noob

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  • Gustavo González
    Gustavo González

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  • g1981c

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    MriN 666

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