Worlds FIRST Under Display Camera?! - Durability Test!
I got my hands on a NEW ZTE Axon 20 5G, with the worlds first under screen camera. And If I'm being totally honest... this thing is awesome. The camera quality might not be perfect, but I'm excited to see this finally implemented. And implemented in a usable way. Though not perfect, the front facing camera on the Axon 20 5G is definitely usable.
See the Transparent TV video here:
More Axon 20 5G info here:
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  • Vru Patel
    Vru Patel

    Dunno about invent, but apple'll have perfected it :P

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    Loudeil Lunzaga

    Poor phone. He was so happy until he encountered this guy

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    Drew Ramer

    The deadpan humor kills me. I love it

  • Michael Gifford
    Michael Gifford

    My thing is it still has a chin. So do you want that space up top and just add a camera on on bottom and do a see through camera

  • Lộc An
    Lộc An

    V smart aris pro

  • Adi MP183
    Adi MP183

    Bro u do durability test with different scratching and bending tests but i suggest u to add drop test too bcoz most of mobile phones brokes due to fall...

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    Abins 06

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    Christian Maslog

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  • daily8150

    Under screen camera, as I barely use the front camera.

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  • deadsea671

    Around 2 years ago when the s10 was about to be launched I wanted to give samsung a design idea and that it would have have a underscreen camera where the pixels would dim and then the camera can see out into the world but it didn't as we all know but it's still a great phone none the less

  • Gamers Zone
    Gamers Zone

    0:58 3AM WTF

  • Rodrigo Gutierrez
    Rodrigo Gutierrez

    The headphone jack is obviously underneath the screen as well ...

  • madgodzilla12465

    I had a ZTE Merit back in 2012 and it was absolute dogshit lol. Glad to see ZTE pumping out good products now.

  • Angelo Coli
    Angelo Coli

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    Adrian Mak

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  • TheGaming Python
    TheGaming Python

    3:50 finaly starts the test

  • 15_ Alen Sony 11 E
    15_ Alen Sony 11 E

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    kabelo malatji

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  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration

    Bottom bezel not symmetrical 😟

  • Blind x
    Blind x

    I loved the Pixel 4xl notch cause it was full of tech

  • René

    Apple never claimed it invents these things, HOWEVER they don't push unfinished tech on the market like this phone. When Apple does it, if they ever do it, it's going to be seamless and perfect and also the camera quality is not gonna have to excuse itself for being under a screen. That's where your judgement falls flat Sir.

  • Super Internet Girl 2021
    Super Internet Girl 2021

    FINALLY, under display camera. No more notches, cut outs, bezels. Ah. Even tho Phone companies will still do that-


      Wait 5 years and iPhone will have iy

  • Adrian C.
    Adrian C.

    Under screen gogo...Let's see it on more phones

  • Neal K
    Neal K

    Has anyone been able to find this phone for US use and what carrier to use with?

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    BB Channel

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    Sabrina Saddleback

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  • GOKU 101
    GOKU 101

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  • Pyrius HC
    Pyrius HC

    Underscreen camera 100%. If it would be possible to do the same with the cameras on the back, that would be awesome aswell. Maybe also add the expandable memory as a standard, and perhaps also include a charger when you buy phones.

  • William Mclaughlin
    William Mclaughlin

    VR headset durability testing tho?

  • Abhay Jogiya
    Abhay Jogiya

    @3:49 he should upload this wallpaper somewhere so nerds can get it.

  • Anuelle Cheng
    Anuelle Cheng

    Perfect for people who don't care much about their phone, BUT is so frustrated by notches and holes

  • Leryz Rut
    Leryz Rut

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    The Enter10r

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    Anything about this phone looks villainous and sinister. Like Skinny Man would use to answer the call of his clients (In the movie called "Fatman")

  • Hriday

    Why doesn't LG be innovative and use that transparent TV screen they came up with? Then it can all just be one screen, and they can turn the pixels where the camera is off when it needs to be used? I mean, the camera will be visible while taking selfies, but it'll still be invisible the rest of the time, so who cares?

  • Vincent Nacon
    Vincent Nacon

    I rather not have any front-facing camera, in favor of having one nice screen that fill up the whole area. Can't we just ditch the front-facing camera already?

    • Antan

      Oh but the selfiessss lol

    • Joseph St John
      Joseph St John

      A lot of people still use it that just wouldn't work

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    Warham Darih

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    Tshedza Luvha

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  • Vedant Tiwari
    Vedant Tiwari

    As i am not really camera user i only want performance from processors do o would choose Under screen camera

  • Farhat Rind
    Farhat Rind

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  • Griffin S
    Griffin S

    "I bet apple will be pretty excited when they invent it in 3 or 4 years." Damn, shots fired, and rightfully so

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  • Innovation


  • Innovation

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  • Shikhar Srivastava
    Shikhar Srivastava

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  • full entertainment
    full entertainment

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  • full entertainment
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    T. Hanks

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