Samsung should explain this... Exynos vs Qualcomm?! - Note 20 Ultra
Its time to find out how different the Note 20 Ultra variants really are. We found different cooling systems in my teardown. And we know the processors are also different... But does it matter? How much different is the Exynos Note 20 Ultra when compared to the Qualcomm Note 20 Ultra? And why is there more than one version in the first place?!
Watch the Note 20 Ultra teardown here:
Watch the Note 20 Ultra Durability test here:
Watch the S20 Ultra Exynos vs Qualcomm here:
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  • M J
    M J

    You should just exchange the motherboards from one to another phone. Not to tear the cooling sistem out..

  • Mani chitra
    Mani chitra



    the netherlands also gets snapdragon for some reason but you know, i dont hate it.

  • santiago carrer
    santiago carrer

    woah samsung, you can't beat a company 3 times smaller than you? pathetic

  • Jay Kingsun
    Jay Kingsun

    Did you get any feedback from Samsung?

  • saltire546

    Samsung would not attempt to sell the mickey mouse version in the USA due to class action against them .The rest of the world gets stuffed.Look at VW diesel gate Usa folks got compensated the rest of the world still waiting .

  • Clickbaiter

    Exynos doesn't deserve to use in flagship phone. I don't consider any Exynos as Flagship Chispet even the E2100

  • Heart Rock
    Heart Rock

    It is not the processor, it is the google who makes android work better on US processor.. Deliberately making android work worse on non US processors 😃

  • sphynx 101 KTP
    sphynx 101 KTP

    Nice comparison, Jerry...although normal users don't stress their phones that way! ;)

  • Daniel Maxter
    Daniel Maxter

    Woudn't it have just been easier and more normal to just swap the motherboards and not peel off the cooling systems????? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Triggered_ Bosmen
    Triggered_ Bosmen

    day 2 of asking a durability test on an Samsung galaxy a52

  • Ashwyn Singh Dhillon
    Ashwyn Singh Dhillon


  • Paul O'M
    Paul O'M

    Well done for shining another light on this sneaky behaviour.

  • Lalith Kiran
    Lalith Kiran

    Yep for same exynos reason its going to be my last samsung phone as well

  • LamboXL -_-
    LamboXL -_-

    Like why didn't he just swap the Mainboards, that made me drive crazy 😦

  • xolqoɹƃuᴉʎɐldǝʌol ̅ᴉᴉ
    xolqoɹƃuᴉʎɐldǝʌol ̅ᴉᴉ

    Samsung is my favourite! In some regions its a snapdragon 888 5G chip with a better cooling system and in others its a 4G exynos chip! -An iphone 12 pro A14 bionic chip user

  • Nicolás Reynoso
    Nicolás Reynoso

    Thank you! Great video. In Argentina prices are insane, and now this? My s10 will be my last Samsung phone

  • Alderheza Putra
    Alderheza Putra

    i really love exynos because it nothing when compare to apple chip

    • Henry's luxuriate tissue
      Henry's luxuriate tissue


  • Jeeban Gurung
    Jeeban Gurung

    Some said exynos is best some said qualcomm is best.witch is the really best i donot know.i used s 8 with exynos no complaint about this one.few years ago qualcomm base smart phones had effected by unkonwn virus.that was a big news at that time.

  • Robert Bruner
    Robert Bruner

    I've commented about this before with other reviews. This should generate a lawsuit, it's nothing short of misrepresentation and should be below Samsung.

  • Joseph DESTAUBIN
    Joseph DESTAUBIN

    You are wrong about Samsung's choice to mix up their suppliers. As one youtuber recently pointed out, "having a single vendor for any particular item in the production of your own products makes you that suppliers bitch". Samsung can not afford to be completely reliant on a single chip fab. And this doesn't even go into the whole quantity issue.

  • sid A_G
    sid A_G

    Horny smartphones

  • sid A_G
    sid A_G


  • Splosh

    On Geekbench 5, my note 10 plus 5g gets 535 single core and 1787 multi core score

  • Splosh

    I hate that Samsung sell the Exynose version in the UK

  • Everything Sucks
    Everything Sucks

    I ran this benchmark thing on my midrange Samsung the score was 318 and 1011 😭😭😭

  • Travis Frost
    Travis Frost

    Samsung should absolutly have to tell you what processor is in the phone , but because they are not both sold in the same market it makes it a grey area that Samsung is taking advantage of obviously. People from the EU are buying this phone after watching the perfomance of a better phone... Not fair, I'd return my phone... Too bad, I've always liked Samsung:(

  • Maheshwar sookhoo
    Maheshwar sookhoo

    Correct is right jerry.... I wanted a snapdragon model of a galaxy s10+ but I got a exynos instead.... Samsung need to sell the 2 with different name and price so u get wat ur money worth...

  • J B
    J B

    Samsung have to explain and sorted this out... Thanks Jerry, good analysis!!

  • Armchair Pilot
    Armchair Pilot

    The Note 9 was the last Samsung phone i will buy cause I'm tired of being force fed useless uninstallable Samsung bloatware, and that dedicated Bixby button was the last straw.

  • Angeline Ang
    Angeline Ang

    I have a note 10+ and that was an exynos 9825 and the highest I got was 2100....

  • Sven Van Gestel
    Sven Van Gestel

    I maybe think that a lot people that see this video that is mind work to thinking to buy this type of the Galaxy Series if they see the test

  • Sai Pratheek
    Sai Pratheek

    Pretty fly for a wifi 🤔

  • Rajendra Pandey
    Rajendra Pandey

    I wud hv chooses note 20 ultra in 2021 but in my country exynose is there and this makes note 20 ultra worse note ever...I want to buy for stylus but exynose keeping me away...Plz bring sd ver

  • Tornado Brady
    Tornado Brady

    I noticed that the time is different on both phones

  • Tanjina Rahman
    Tanjina Rahman

    I am av follower you your.i dont have to buy the phone. Can you donate one of these phone.

  • The Space Heaters Official
    The Space Heaters Official

    If Samsung's Exynos chips frequently preform worse and drain more power than the Qualcomm equivalents why haven't they discontinued the Exynos series or design them to be more powerful and efficient?

  • Morad Eissa
    Morad Eissa

    6:32 Guys I think Samsung added the A13 Bionic Chip Inside LOL

  • Paul Sim
    Paul Sim

    Hmm, I have known for some time that Samsung change internal components depending which region there are selling into. ie cheaper components in India, more premium components in the US/Euro. In all honesty, I look at my phone as a complete package, I am well aware the Exnos chips is a bit sluggish. but even so I don't really see any complaints. I do hope that the Exnos becomes true competition to Snapdragon, as the more choices OEM's have the better for us all. I wonder how Samsung is doing with AMD Radeon IP.

  • Fèlix Léon
    Fèlix Léon

    It's not Samsungs fault, it's Qualcomm blocking them from using Samsung made or other chips in the US n a few other areas

  • Tarun Sharma
    Tarun Sharma

    Scamsung is a looser wd Exynos. Sony its high time to get Indian market again, we all eager for ur flagships last time like Z series!

  • Born Again Skeptic
    Born Again Skeptic

    The last Samsung phone I bought was the Galaxy S3. Those were the times... Samsung is like EA now.

  • Martin Auplish
    Martin Auplish

    Totally agree.... snapdragon all the way...but Samsung is trying to fob off their chips to European Market which is quite annoying... fed up with all these different Samsung phones there should only be three phones low end model mid range and ultra... confuses people who are faithful to the brand... Samsung I think has morphed into apple style territory which will be the nail in their coffin... greed will alway come with

  • ソニック•ドリュー

    What app did you use for the testing of the phones processing comparison? Is it OnePlus compatible?

    • Punit M.
      Punit M.

      geekbench it's for android so if your oneplus runs android then yes

  • Mad Mehdi
    Mad Mehdi

    Snap Dragon chipset just One+ Phones

  • Carlyle Fortune
    Carlyle Fortune

    Im done with Samsung... What brand should we use in place of Sammy

  • Smartmeis

    This is why I went iPhone. Even tho I’m USA all day, companies have really lost their touch with customer satisfaction and keeping people with their platform. You never know if your getting their top line model, or budget phone. But other countries can’t afford the snapdragon, and I guess it’s nice to offer a little cheaper phone, but the features are the same as last years model, so what the point of upgrading? 120hz is the only plus. And my pc is 165hz so I mean, if I want pc I use pc, I need phone to do phone stuff, and do it good.

  • BlueStar

    It's to compete with that stuuup iphone, & phones in USA are costly ....

  • English is fun
    English is fun

    My note 9 is the last of samsung. Heading for iPhone to upgrade

  • نور محمد
    نور محمد

    Amazing video ♡

  • Aeit

    Nothinh to explain. Exynos was and always will be shit. I don't know why they still wasn't sued by any country buyers good rights. That's why I ditched Samsung, horrible software, bad support. They scam on everything. Even their AV panels in monitors are scuffed as fuck

  • abc df
    abc df

    I hate Exynos

  • Weißbrot

    i get why some people might get annoyed by this, but then you have to remember, ITS A FUCKING MOBILE PHONE, AS LONG AS IT DOESNT START BURINING PROCESSING POWER DOESNT MEAN SHIT, BECAUSE YOU ARE N E V E R GOING TO USE IT unless you are one of the 5 people out there who do use it, honestly, spending more than 400€ on a new phone is just stupid

  • Hiten Solanki
    Hiten Solanki

    Most reviews are done in US, hence why they get snapdragon and ROW get exynos. I will never get a Samsung phone for this reason, exynos is worse in every aspect than snapdragon

  • Cylant Justice
    Cylant Justice

    Optimization is also a problem here. Like the difference between Qualcomm and MediaTek

  • Alex Augustine
    Alex Augustine

    They are not gonna change. Millions of dollars invested on Exynos. They will keep on selling and trying to improve the Exynos...

  • 237 Doogie
    237 Doogie

    This is highway a robbery bruh! 3

  • Dev shrut Jain
    Dev shrut Jain

    Can you giveaway me this samsung note 20 pleasee 🙏

  • Memodnb

    Why do they actually do this?


    Time to build up one plus! Samsung needs some competition!

  • Jaren Bliss
    Jaren Bliss

    Being colorblind, that red and green graph was.. pointless, haha. your content is amazing, keep it up

  • Paul Lim
    Paul Lim

    Simple solution, stop buying Samsung phone with Exynos chip until they can prove that their Exynos chips is as good as the Qualcomm equivalent

  • Michelle Saulsbury
    Michelle Saulsbury

    That’s why I like Apple. All the phones are the same and all software is the same globally. Like why does it have to all be different

    • Henry's luxuriate tissue
      Henry's luxuriate tissue

      And you'll get years longer update support and most people buy already a phone that's 2-3 years on the market instead on the same release date


    Thanks for this video ..the copper version was like a fire camp around the trousers 👖 fire in the samsung run run run they are replacing it after the request..I hope that it doesn't cause the heat where I thought it will a grenade..thank you

  • carlos k
    carlos k

    As long as the U.S version is the better one there is no problem...

  • ImmortalInflames

    Samsung has been a piece of shit for years.. no surprise most though, companies are.. Look up their lawsuits, from Dishwashers catching fire, Fridge Ice-trays being sold new and faulty. We all remember their phone battery issues right? Well how about buying other makes of phones, force Samsung to give us a solid product for our money, rather than just adding complexity (not innovation). TL;DR - Each time you buy a phone, Ignore brands and buy the one that is best for you. If you're honest with yourself, most of you will be sticking well clear of the +$1000 phones and probably go with something half the cost!

  • Bata Ivanovic
    Bata Ivanovic

    I am kinda late on this one but you could have just swapped the motherboards instead of ripping the cooling systems out. Or am i missing something?

  • Musa G.
    Musa G.

    same issue existed long before. take Note 3 for example. US version had qualcom while global one had exynos. on top of that, global version lacked key features such as 4g and 4k video recording

  • Alain Migueres-D
    Alain Migueres-D

    honestly it's a disgrace ! it has been for a long time now....

  • Fierdaws Bugiez
    Fierdaws Bugiez

    Agreed...shouldnt call the same model after the diff soc...

  • Akane Miyoshi
    Akane Miyoshi

    Who would've thought that a simple processor would turn consumers off from purchasing...

  • Prince Eidec
    Prince Eidec

    Damn. Why didn't I learn this before. Just bought a S21+ last week which is an Exynos version. 😐

    • Properso :D
      Properso :D

      This is a note 20 ultra. Not an s21. Notice how your s21 doesn't overheat? 🤡🤡🤡

  • Emil S
    Emil S

    I paid 999 for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

  • Sengmeng Sun
    Sengmeng Sun

    Can i sue samsung? I dun want anything, i just want them to change mine to the snapdragon version 🥲

  • tstabswf

    Upon the unsealed of the cooling system, I would take one more benchmark after swapping back the cooling to it own and see the difference of the result again.

  • Subodh Singh
    Subodh Singh

    Can you please give me this phone ..

  • Toni Montana
    Toni Montana

    I only had samsung for years. Now i got the note20 ultra and it's definitely the last samsung i've bought.

  • Aditya Rathod
    Aditya Rathod

    in india, exynos S21 starts frm $965😥😡🤬


    I dont understand why the change in the processor? Just use more of the same world wide

  • Ram Raj
    Ram Raj

    Can someone sue the company? My s10plus international model does heat up extremely.

  • The Guy From Walgreens
    The Guy From Walgreens

    You’d think the phone companies would try a little harder with their phones. I’ve been watching Jerry for a little while & recently MrWhoseTheBoss and I’m certainly going to look at their vids before buying any new phone. I know a person or two that likes to have the latest & greatest so I’ll let them be the test subjects before I buy any phone from now on.

  • Mike's Tech Reviews
    Mike's Tech Reviews

    Yes its a different phone I agree

  • Simon Jo Chizeck Andersen
    Simon Jo Chizeck Andersen

    well done SAMSUNG - fucking everybody, who buys the phone who isn't form USA or China. I got the S21+ and my guess is, it's the same issue here....

  • lucky charm
    lucky charm

    100% agreed they should price differently exynos shpuld be $400 cheaper with its lame performance!

  • Celeste Arike
    Celeste Arike

    Different part different price Samsung..You @55hole stop buying your product... Hypocrite marketing...

  • Scaryygarryy

    There is another major difference between the two. That's the capability to unlock your bootloader and root the device. On the exynos it's straight forward and on the Qualcomm it's impossible. There is a company that claims they can unlock the Qualcomm devices bootloader but it's very pricey. For that phone I believe it would be $150 US dollars. And who knows if they can actually or not? One of the first things you see on their site is a refund disclaimer stating that you have to fit a very specific criteria to get a refund and really It could be impossible to meet. They could say it's an error on your part that it didn't work and refuse your refund. I've been using samsung phones most of my life now. But I think instead of upgrading from my galaxy s10 to the newest device I'll get something else. The root capability is the whole reason I use andoid devices. If I can't do it myself at home with my own PC like I've been doing for year's then I don't want it. I'm not going to gamble over $100 on some third party companies claims just to get my device how I want it.

  • Moein Mirjalili
    Moein Mirjalili


  • Primalxbeast

    I was thinking about getting a galaxy A51 or A71 and I asked the sales person about the difference in their processors and he couldn't even tell me what processors they had and just kept telling me that it didn't matter because they're both so much better than my 5 year old phone. Thanks idiot, I know they're better than my old phone, but I stil want to pick out the best new phone, not just any phone that's better than the old cheap pos I have. And they're both selling for the same price right now, so I couldn't decide based on price. I'm kind of thinking about the Pixel 4a 5g now since it cost $150 less than those phones.

  • Kiril Gyudurov
    Kiril Gyudurov

    Not one normal user will ever see or feel any difference. Still, there is no logic in putting the Snapdragon in at all. Samsung can just use Exynos for all their devices. But I guess they are pressured by the US on the matter.

  • Anastasis

    Samsung had 2 QLED TVs in 2018 that were branded as Q8FN in both Europe and US. Being in Europe I ended up buying an Edge lit Tv whereas the same model in the US had a full array panel…

  • zUltra

    "If it acts like a different phone, it should be called a different phone." Well technically they have different names, one is a Note 20 Ultra 5G and one is just Note 20 Ultra.

  • Olimun Nesa
    Olimun Nesa

    Exynos cant defeat the Snapdragon.

  • Jhayar Alejo
    Jhayar Alejo

    What happen to the cp that u teardown?

  • Alpha WONG
    Alpha WONG

    True. They should label the cpu for each model rather than hide the spec. Data will never lie. However, we should appreciate company investigate hardware, like amd, mtk, ati and broadcom etc. The investment of hardware or any engineering research always come with high money and not alway get any result. Like what u mention if AMD quit the market as they cannot compare with Intel in their early cpu war. Now the awesome ryzen will never be true .

  • Wilson Bradley
    Wilson Bradley

    Looking to get the Note 20 Ultra @ $800 since it's Root'able

  • The Slamming Nazgul
    The Slamming Nazgul

    The Galaxy S10 was my last Samsung. They lost me. I really didn't want it when I got it but my S8 was having pixel issues so I got it. The phone worked for about a year and then went downhill fast. I had to restart the phone if I wanted to send or recieve calls. It would say I had 4g LTE but no cellular service. The fingerprint scanner worked half the time. The speaker was messed up so if I was on a call it would sound like the person was under water or was very far away. No water damage. I ended up getting the OnePlus 8T +5G. I'd rather not have 5G but it is what it is. The OnePlus 8T is amazing. Everything is so much smoother and sounds better. I never keep my phone to max capacity on the storage and I almost never take it out of the case unless i was cleaning it or taking out the microsd card.

  • M. Raj gaming
    M. Raj gaming


  • M. Raj gaming
    M. Raj gaming

    Hello bri

  • Suyono Kurniawan
    Suyono Kurniawan

    Samsung sucks! I will never buy Samsung anymore! Thanks for the great video!

  • Alex Vour
    Alex Vour

    *I do not work for Samsung and I do believe snapdragon chips are generally better* I have to say this has become a huge issue even though it's not really dramatic. I own a S20 FE exynos 990 and my friend owns the 5G S865 version. In geekbench 5 and on android 11, the exynos is ahead by 9% at single core and -17% in multi core. Add them up and that's 8% of a difference. It's apparent but not life changing. Also the S865 runs cooler under a lot of stress. In real life scenarios? No difference at all. The only problematic thing about exynos is battery life. That's at least 15% worse. Maybe even 20%. But the 4G FE exynos is also 15% cheaper than the snapdragon version. The sam e goes for note 20 ultra in Europe. Exynos is at least 10% cheaper. So Samsung sells a slightly interior product at a lower price, what's the issue then? Also up until the S10 Lineup the exynos were no worse than Qualcomm or even slightly better. So personally I can't really see why this is such an issue other than click bait. *I do believe you do an excellent work jerry, I just don't agree with these kind of videos* Peace!