Galaxy S21 Ultra Durability Test - What About the Camera?!
Its time to Durability test the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Grab your teardown skin here: Samsung has once again released a top of the line Android smartphone that costs $1200 dollars. Is it durable? Can the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra survive a JerryRigEverything Durability Test? One thing Samsung is good at, is being consistent. So the odds are in their favor. We'll start by scratching the S21 Ultra, seeing what its made of, and finishing off with a bend test.
Watch the 6 year old New York Note 4 video HERE:
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  • Mary Hirose
    Mary Hirose

    VIEWER BEWARE: American s21 Ultras do NOT COME WITH a factory installed screen protector. I watched this video and was working hard to protect the zillion lenses on the back and not so much the screen because "factory protected anyway." Joke's on me I guess. Threw it in my purse, rubbed up against my nail file...

  • Lars K
    Lars K

    Please do a test between snaps!Dragon exynos😀

  • Governor2145

    when you did the teardown you used a case

  • Jignesh Thummar
    Jignesh Thummar

    I like camera comparison 😁

  • caiphus motsoaledi
    caiphus motsoaledi

    Bro u should have gave me that phone:(

  • a b
    a b

    Today i was testing my new Note 20 Ultra, and ... I also compared camera to my old Note 4. Note 4 wins. It takes very good photos in a second while N 20 U needs several seconds to set up parameters and after that I get blured, nasty photo that weights 5 times more.

  • Vecos Crackos
    Vecos Crackos

    Pls start jerry manicure everything

  • Versatilizando

    You're a legend.

  • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
    Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

    Ordered this phone and just bought that teardown skin.

  • سیدمحمد علی شریعت زاده
    سیدمحمد علی شریعت زاده

    Noo don't do this (*_*):-(😭😭

  • KiNg RoB
    KiNg RoB

    I have to turn the volume all the way down when you scrape the razor against the phone. I try to handle it but I can't its just like nails on a freakin chalk board it makes me cringe lol

  • Zumodote

    when he scratches it gives me chills ( •ૢ⚈͒⌄⚈͒ •ૢ)

  • Zenos !
    Zenos !

    I have a note 4

  • ok


  • staysinthelead

    This video saved my a lot of anger and embarrassment. I had my phone serviced due to a black screen issue, and when I got it back there were two significant scratches on the "screen." I called the service location the next day, and they insisted they gave me a new screen with no damage, and that I would have to pay $250 for a repair. I found this while looking for my options and realized it was that second protector that was scratched. -_- Thank you!!

  • Mark Li
    Mark Li

    I know I cannot comment anything about the Galaxy S21 Ultra, because I hate Antan who is a mean guy that does hurt my thoughts, that is too unruly.

  • steve duman
    steve duman

    It is not worth $1.300 too much!. they should sell it for a max of $800. I have Samsung Galaxy A71 and I will keep it for another year to upgrade to S21 Ultra.

  • Ishara Sadun
    Ishara Sadun


  • text edit
    text edit

    Man 👨 it’s fun to watch your video! You gave a nice scrub on the phone!

  • Sarthak Katre
    Sarthak Katre

    Can you give me a smart phone

  • Chinna samy
    Chinna samy

    I watch your all video

  • Chinna samy
    Chinna samy

    I am from India

  • Chinna samy
    Chinna samy

    Will you give me any smartphone to me

  • Chinna samy
    Chinna samy

    Hi bro

  • Syn3

    He got me on that second layer of plastic test..I was like these mother*******.😅

  • Asad Raza
    Asad Raza

    Please do for Poco F3 please.

  • Crazcompart

    I do NOT like all that "Hodgepodge" that settles for a rear camera corner cluster in ANY of these modern phones, regardless! Last "neat" rear camera configuration was on the S10 Family, all across the back... Thanks again for the changes, Apple!

  • JMRSplatt

    If it had a headphone jack and expandable memory.. it's the perfect phone.. What are you thinking Samsung?!?!?

  • angelo tarantino
    angelo tarantino

    I fea no man, but that thing *JerryManicureEverything* It scares me

  • Saqib Ali
    Saqib Ali

    Poco f3 teardown please

  • Bryson Johnson
    Bryson Johnson

    Straight bashed.

  • Michael S
    Michael S

    This review kept me on my toes more than usual! Thanks JRE

  • Dav I
    Dav I

    S21 is fun, but I would still keep my s10e instead, don't like big phones

  • myfavouritecolorisgreen

    The camera part made me want to give up my OnePlus 7 pro until he said it was from his galaxy note 4.

  • Chris J
    Chris J

    Why is it so heavy??

  • Taran Rees
    Taran Rees

    Did he say "the camera hump"? 2:58

  • Adam Neulander
    Adam Neulander

    2011: 1 camera 2021: 4 cameras 2031: entire back made of cameras

  • yammi1987

    I had to buy a "bigger model" due to the fact there is no more sd-card slot. May be the last Smsung for me. I dont use headphones but i do need space to store my files. They should really bring that back 😪😪 The thing with "no charginc adampter included" well i use my S4 charger for the S21 ultra because of coolcharge and still have 8! working chargers laying around. I managed to lost a real old ones like from my SGH-500 or S1 but i never ever had a wallcharger burn out or stopped working. They seem to be built to last😏😏 I like to have an 8-time charger with 2 ports each 0,5A / 1A /2A / and le last ones usb-c ultrapower with up to 100W. Build in a high quality for e.g. 100€ / 120,88 this would be a dream come true for someone like me who charges "cool" for a long life of the akkus. My S7 is broken but still at 80% capacity. Or a chargin device where you can set the Ampere all by yourself 😬🥰🥰🥰 Ok, yes i will stop writing^^ TL:DR Charge Slow - For long battery Life .

  • TEAM LAAG #Trail
    TEAM LAAG #Trail

    Mr. Jerry give me a phone plsss🙏

  • Shalini Vilasathy
    Shalini Vilasathy

    The fact that I am watching the video with the same phone is scary 😨

  • Hough White
    Hough White

    Not only the lighter burns the screen Zack also roasts the phone Thin box, Price, SD card slot Sick burn

  • Gift Sebokolodi
    Gift Sebokolodi

    When will you test the galaxy a72?😊😇

  • Edward Williams III
    Edward Williams III

    This is my first video from this channel and even though that's not my phone, I damn near had a heart attack.

  • Mark Chiocchi
    Mark Chiocchi

    Do you notice this guy does a jump cut right before removing the second screen protector I don't think there's any such one

  • Mark Chiocchi
    Mark Chiocchi

    My 21 ulta phone screen scratched with regular use I removed the first screen protector but I don't see no second I don't understand how this screen is scratching so easy. I traded in my s20 ultra to get this phone I had that phone for 2 years and not one scratch on it with the same type of use


    Bro you could send me that phone

  • d.ronzo17

    zack: removes the screen protector s21 ultra: there is another

  • ilman Siddiqui
    ilman Siddiqui

    Company:yes phone is ready to use.🌬️🌬️ Jerry:phone is ready to durability 😅😅😂👩‍🔧👩‍🔧

  • boxer bodybuilder
    boxer bodybuilder


  • Ben Alva
    Ben Alva

    This is going to hurt watching this. :P

  • Sora Masa
    Sora Masa

    HAHAHA i died at the whole New York part 🤣🤣🤣🤣 does all hes videos have these kind of jokes? Let me know ,then i will subscribe.

  • Jonathan Brady
    Jonathan Brady

    Costs more, comes with less

  • J C R
    J C R

    Muito legal o teste do s21, parabéns pelo vídeo esclarecedor...

  • Monty16v

    Glad I went for an exclusive colour with the carbon surround on the cameras after seeing how that scratched up


    Don't Destroy the Phone Give to me 🥺

  • Anish Kant Magotra
    Anish Kant Magotra

    Bro I feel very sad when you are destroying the legend phone

  • Routh Theany Rith
    Routh Theany Rith

    Hey guy i want to know does it have while you shark it. My phone sound like camara is unscrew. Can you pls help to check?

  • David Šigut
    David Šigut

    It's ridiculous how people have been buying and replacing mobile phones for a better camera for over 10 years. They were supposed to buy a super compact zoom ten years ago, and they would have taken better photos for ten years now than any mobile phone today. Sony RX 100.

  • Anthony Bell
    Anthony Bell

    Why on earth would you scratch up a 1,000 dollar phone that's just stupid. I mean for this guy he can replace it cause he has money to but no ordinary person can replace a 1,000 phone if they don't have insurance 🤷

  • MOJO6n1

    Jerry flight attendant: make sure all seat belts are on Me pops question: excuse me how durable are the glass windows Jerry flight attendant: Well there's only one way to find out.😏

  • zacky Narita
    zacky Narita

    The way he throws the box 0:59 😂🤣

  • Gogeta2vegito

    This is guy who hates samsung so much, he murders their phones in cold blood

  • Cory Wilson
    Cory Wilson

    Watching on my s21 ultra

    • boi h
      boi h

      @Douglas Edwards did I say iPhone was better?

    • Douglas Edwards
      Douglas Edwards

      @boi h The s21 range is better than the iPhone 12, Fact sheets don't lie

    • boi h
      boi h

      Feel sorry for you

  • Navi Zurc Al Ed
    Navi Zurc Al Ed

    Probably can scratch off the paint with your nail with their build quality lately. Scamsung s69G plus ultra ripoff of Apple edition.

  • maxthekit

    what about the regular s21

  • BlondHairedDominic

    2:43 *You do not understand in how much pain I am seeing you do that Jerry.*

  • Harish amale
    Harish amale

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    rozha jihan

    I hate you 😢

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    rakib hasan

    What's the point of giving a charging cable when there is no charger

  • Always be happy
    Always be happy

    oh my phone died


    Brother i understand you are a rich man. I am poor parson from Bangladesh. So please give me one Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g for me. BECAUSE its a dream for me but for you nothing.

  • Mikey Poo
    Mikey Poo

    Am I the only one that was dying inside as he was scratching it

  • Alinapetito

    The video on the Galaxy Note 4 looks so good and must've been so ahead of it's time

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    Richard Malicad

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    Legna Rodriguez

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  • Ryan Trials
    Ryan Trials

    Is this the US or international version? Factory unlock? Ive read some dont come with 2 protectors, i didnt think mine had 2.... unless its very hard to tell?

  • GAKtion64

    You should include drop testing in your tests.

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    Smart Alec Videos

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    Fahim Hasan

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  • Bloxing Austin And The Kermit Show.
    Bloxing Austin And The Kermit Show.

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  • Nic Tube
    Nic Tube

    Jerry im a big fan, why i hear something when i shake my s21 ultra

  • Daniel Seerattan
    Daniel Seerattan

    Why pay more for less? Makes no sense

  • Jack Cottrell-Smith
    Jack Cottrell-Smith

    As a mobile expert who sells these phones, I've always recommended getting the S20 phones rather than getting the 21. There isn't much more included in the 21 and since it came out, the price has basically plummeted from $45/month to about $25/ month which is still cheaper than the S21s $35.42/month(these being Verizon's prices of course) so if you're gonna get anything, go to Walmart, get the S20 and save your money.

  • JΘทმT৸მท † ᖇ
    JΘทმT৸მท † ᖇ


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    Hussain Saeed

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    Ok, Samsung goes out the way for us and gives a screenprotector FOR the screenprotector. But its too hard to include an charger...

  • Ian Mervin Loyola
    Ian Mervin Loyola

    As dark as 2020. 😂

  • Spero Skoufis
    Spero Skoufis

    Worst screen durability I've ever encountered

  • Jean Castillo
    Jean Castillo

    What is vitus glass for if it still scratches at level 6 ???

  • Triggered_ Bosmen
    Triggered_ Bosmen

    day 1 of asking a durability test on an Samsung galaxy a52

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M

    Samsung always tries to copy Apple. The SD Card slot was gone already once with the Galaxy S6. Samsung also tries to sell bigger memory configuraions like Apple does. But this time I think it's gone forever. They provide more midrange models than ever before. So they really want to make their flagships very unique and more like Apple, while ordinary people who like to have a sd card slot or a headphone jack - because they buy phones not for status but for function - go for the mid range models. For me it's ok. As long as people are stupid enough to buy iPhones and Galaxy phones at an insame price, companies will deliver that.

  • Yair Classified
    Yair Classified

    6:16 OOLA-LA!

  • Green_Cafe

    1 razer blade thick, an important standardized unit of measurement.

  • Green_Cafe

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    The Techsmoker

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    Jeai Play

    Hey my girlfriend got this phone not two weeks ago long story short the screen is now no more

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