How I Met My Girlfriend?! (now wife) - Ask JerryRig #5
Its been awhile since Ive made a question and answer video, a lot has happened! Meet Cambry! And come hang out with us and our new project. See more of our videos together here: Her story:
Building an Elevator:
Building an off road wheelchair:
Making my wedding ring:
Her favorite Tesla:
Building a School in Africa:
Her instagram:
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  • JerryRigEverything

    Lol! There are alot of comments about Cambry looking young enough to be my daughter. 😂 Fun Fact - she's actually a year older than me. She loves the compliments though!

    • Dank Sparrow
      Dank Sparrow

      Wait what

    • R R
      R R

      Lair lair

    • Sami Mohammed
      Sami Mohammed

      @Vvv Ooo same

    • mr controversy
      mr controversy

      @Justice Beaver not true. I've been smoking since I was 13 I'm 42 now and I get people thinking I'm only 20

    • Dewayne Howse
      Dewayne Howse

      My guess would have been 17 for Cambry and 25 for Jerry. This is definitely a forever marriage. 💯💯💯

  • Shibalik Dhara
    Shibalik Dhara

    You can get rid of that Cambry's "What" problem by installing some more RAM in her Brain,

  • D. Asish Kumar
    D. Asish Kumar

    India in top three ❤️😊 from India..

  • Anand Sharma
    Anand Sharma

    You are such a lovely couple.. god bless you both... Keep smiling...take care....

  • shishir 660
    shishir 660

    Cheak your girlfriend durability test,🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ElNrtNBoy ———
    ElNrtNBoy ———

    I love my iPhone but Apple please fix Siri ... Paying 1,200 for a phone here

  • Mohammed Asaad
    Mohammed Asaad

    i thought he will do test for her!!!

  • Lucas

    Nothin' hotter then someone fixing your screen.

  • Erik J
    Erik J

    what? No teardown? Juuuust kiddin

  • Fourstar

    I think it's funny that everyone calls Zack Jerry but Cambry is Cambry

  • Spookos

    "And thats how i met your mom"

  • Nathan Posthumus
    Nathan Posthumus

    How old is she? 14?

  • Rc_Car Guy
    Rc_Car Guy

    Don't feel bad Cambria I do the same (WHAT) THING TOO MY GIRL HATES IT

  • T4C offixial
    T4C offixial

    M so happy seeing this 😭

  • Conservative View
    Conservative View

    Crazy! that the term, "Jerry rigging" (Jury rigging) has to be explained today. I had to explain, "What's the plan, stan" the other day 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Adeel Asiif
    Adeel Asiif

    Low Budget HITMAN 💟

  • Zak Mary
    Zak Mary

    So will u share a video rigging her😀

  • Musa Toci
    Musa Toci

    Love u all guys ur you are a wonderful family

  • Nandaniya Aryan
    Nandaniya Aryan

    She looks like his daughter lol Xd

  • Cybercery

    Atleast she picked a few custom options for looks instead of Jerry who picked default

  • Obed Letminthang
    Obed Letminthang

    So cambry is the older of the two?🤯🤯

  • yash thakur
    yash thakur

    Girl be carefully jerry is very similar to jony😂 both are destroyer and bold😂😂😂😂

  • Memedrew

    Is she his daughter? This would make a great April fools joke

  • John Nicko Canino
    John Nicko Canino

    Awesome couple ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar


  • Mr. Cheese
    Mr. Cheese

    Zach in space: “alright time for a teardown to see how this thing works” “These oxygen lines pop out like legos”

  • Mr. Cheese
    Mr. Cheese

    The what thing is what i fo because im still processing what i heard

  • Harsh Jain
    Harsh Jain

    India 🔥🔥

  • Lana León
    Lana León

    She is SO SO LUCKY..... He is a superman.

  • Akhilesh Yadav
    Akhilesh Yadav

    She is perfect wife for Jerry rig

  • Viper Ninja
    Viper Ninja

    Teardown your girlfriend lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Som Chauhan
    Som Chauhan

    Love from India. You both are sweet, love you guys.



  • Paranormal Edits
    Paranormal Edits

    BTW, how the girl managed to find that Russian hitman?

  • Paranormal Edits
    Paranormal Edits

    After first room date : "Starts moaning at level 5, starts crying at level 6 and louder at level 7"

  • Konrad Dróżdż
    Konrad Dróżdż

    The fact that Jerry, high-testosterone, chiseled Jawline, overall decent-looking guy with status settled for a disabled woman tells you just how OVER it is for truecels.

  • Gagamba Hunter
    Gagamba Hunter

    Wait its jerry not johny... Wrong channel...

  • Harish Benjwal
    Harish Benjwal

    Cambry & Jerry whenever in life you get time do visit India. 🇮🇳

  • Shuvrajit shibu
    Shuvrajit shibu

    তোমার গার্লফ্রেন্ডকে সব কিছু খুলে দেখাও..


    You look like a agent 47 .... Hitman

  • Tech Wizard
    Tech Wizard

    I have a iPhone 4s

  • Farhan Rijvi
    Farhan Rijvi

    Love from Bangladesh 💕

  • The Journalist
    The Journalist

    Blimey, I am new comer to the channel, but Cambry is flippin' beautiful. Good score, dude.

  • NAFLY vip
    NAFLY vip

    when are you teardown your girlfriend (now wife)


    👍 awesome

  • TenderJc Gaming
    TenderJc Gaming

    I wanna know if he has a barcode behind his back

  • RVB

    Jerry: I don't know about the eye shadow. Me: HEY SISTERS!


    Jerry don't rig everything ❤

  • The Eternal
    The Eternal

    *Lets find the video where he cut his fingure.*

  • The Eternal
    The Eternal

    *Dang. HItmans wife is cool.*

  • Dev Devil
    Dev Devil

    I just wanna steal his wife.

  • Alex Harry 77 channel
    Alex Harry 77 channel

    Because you money and she is a gold digger

  • AleJanDro S
    AleJanDro S

    Spanish please

  • 15 year ghost
    15 year ghost

    Is she disabled

    • Neeraj Dwivedi
      Neeraj Dwivedi

      Yep. On another video he said that she had a accident riding a horse 15 yrs ago

  • Minde mindaugenas
    Minde mindaugenas

    Nice daughter, dad ;)

  • Shivam Tiwari
    Shivam Tiwari

    People going to dating app after watching this 😂

  • rob sudol
    rob sudol

    Sill the biggest unanswered question: what happened to Cambry?

  • Baby Boo
    Baby Boo

    My mom and dad use to say, something was jerryrigged, meaning you can fix anything with what ever you have around, it is called improviseing.

  • maaz Khan
    maaz Khan

    The cheap hitman has a very good nature🤣🤣

  • Jean Alex
    Jean Alex

    @7:55 is hilarious

  • Lalchuailova Ralte
    Lalchuailova Ralte

    Looks like ur daughter

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    She is lucky wife! That guy with no hair looks so sharp and knows much about tearing and repairing

  • x isaka
    x isaka

    what dating app? i need too

  • x isaka
    x isaka

    you need to make her appear in your videos evverytime loo

  • Nahid Lk
    Nahid Lk

    R u jhony sins

    • x isaka
      x isaka

      lilllll samme thoought

  • BisHaL 008
    BisHaL 008

    YouR wife is damn beautiful 😍..does she have a younger sister 🤭🦦..tell me 🤧

  • Josiah Green
    Josiah Green

    lol when he said "hey google" my google home answered

  • Mystic Goblin
    Mystic Goblin

    We guys are so busy talking about cambry that we just forgot he said _ " I buy most of the phones and most of the companies don't send me review units" i.e. THE COMPANIES DON'T LIKE THEIR DEVICES TO BE TESTED BY HIM😂😂😂😂

  • The Anonymous JIGS
    The Anonymous JIGS

    I think it is my second time to watch this You Tube video as of 0:09, Friday, 26th of March, 2021, UTC+8?!

  • Rostam Hakimi
    Rostam Hakimi

    You must have rigged that hard

  • The Most Wanted
    The Most Wanted


  • Pleth

    Looks like your daughter

  • IHateMotionBlur _
    IHateMotionBlur _

    I thought she was your younger sister

  • Katia Dimarco
    Katia Dimarco


    • Brenton Tarrant
      Brenton Tarrant

      @Katia Dimarco okay I guess. Do you have Instagram or a ps4 to talk through

    • Katia Dimarco
      Katia Dimarco

      HI 👋🤚🖐👋👋👋🖐 How are you Brenton ☺

    • Brenton Tarrant
      Brenton Tarrant


  • Ghezero Fika
    Ghezero Fika

    Johhny bhai ap yeha bhi are wah😂🤭

  • Davida Igañeta
    Davida Igañeta

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ beautiful couple ❤️💕

  • Abdus Samad
    Abdus Samad

    Love from India

  • TigerBunneh

    He wanted rig her legs 😶

  • resto resto
    resto resto

    Good job agent 47, target married.

  • Dipin George
    Dipin George

    Shes 12

  • Shubham Inc
    Shubham Inc

    The placid rayon consistently scold because professor occasionally tickle beneath a ancient representative. brawny, statuesque sturgeon

  • Robin Campfens
    Robin Campfens

    Ah this was cute.

  • A G
    A G

    She’s the first woman to survive the bend test 😉

  • A Gowtham
    A Gowtham

    He is So Genuine about his Job man...Respect JRE

  • Poknik

    You both are very loving couple

  • freezy fizz
    freezy fizz

    Jerry chose her because she started to scratch at level 7 and deeper grooves at level 8

  • MrHitachi82

    Do you have a break down skin for her?

  • Richie Harn
    Richie Harn

    jerry sins

  • Huawei Mate
    Huawei Mate

    Джерри, я рад за вас,у вас симпотичная жена.😉Вы хорошая пара. 👍🏻

  • umaRFTW

    1:05 text was same colour as their clothes lolll

  • Danijel Prljic
    Danijel Prljic

    Blink 2 if you are kidnapped

  • Mx Random622
    Mx Random622

    You both look wonderful.

  • Abdulai Abdurahmani
    Abdulai Abdurahmani

    asalamaleikum ! inshallah

  • Luwie

    i nearly chopped the top of my finger of when i was trying cut a block wood for my brother and when i got ot er they made us wait for like 2 hours cause i was sitting there like i was fine and then when they finally got there like oh shit we should probably close this

  • ImPiku

    5:30 I do this too and I honestly annoy myself with it

  • Bonnie D
    Bonnie D

    *during a Date with JERRY* - "its time for the bend test" - " wait.. wha-" *cracking noises* -"...when bent from the back, theres a slight bend but it locks out...lets try from front " - "Nooo... pleas-" *proceeds to bend, more cracking noise* - " when bent from the front.. we get the same thing... and it holds strong" *gives thumbs up and proceeds to say " not too shabby, most of them tend to fail my durability test" *

  • Moein Mirjalili
    Moein Mirjalili


  • Donald Trump Won the election
    Donald Trump Won the election

    Funny looking back and seeing people listening to the cdc and “experts” on Flu19. I feel so embarrassed for those who bought into all the flu19 bullshit the media and the “experts” pushed on the sheep

  • sapphire paru
    sapphire paru

    others on a date: "hey lemme fix your heart" jerry on a date: "hey i'll fix your phone"

  • Mike's Tech Reviews
    Mike's Tech Reviews

    Android is better but you will teach her lol

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