Galaxy Z Fold 2 Teardown! -- Where is the 'Folding Glass'?
Its time we take apart the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2! Grab a teardown skin for your own device HERE: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 costs $2,000 dollars. Samsung says there is a glass layer to the screen. 'Ultra Thin Glass' they call it. But... As we know, glass is glass, and glass can break. So I say we find that folding glass and... break it.
Watch the Durability Test of the Fold 2 here:
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    4:14 eBay : Galaxy Z Fold 2 in good condition with minor scratches and with a working screen. Runs perfectly fine. Alternate title : Galaxy Z Fold 2 lightly scratched , no dents runs perfectly fine.

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    +JerryRigEverything I have a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, and I am absolutely loving it so far. That graphite cooling pad is definitely doing its job so far. After a week since going home with it the Infinity Flex Display is holding up very well.

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